An Arab Woman Blues – Reflections in a sealed bottle…: In My Mother’s Arms…


In My Mother’s Arms…

My Twitter timeline was full of garbage today…not that it usually isn’t but today it was extraordinarily so…a dazzling spectacle of people swooning over the “Olympics” with endless identical tweets, parroted from the same view…as if hundreds of people were just one– automated, robotic, spectator…repeating the same crap over and over again…for over 5 hours…praising the sophisticated city of London, Mother England; that ample breast, that generous mother of nations, gathering her children, for a get together in some higher realm…the colorful multitude of her mixed races…gently rocked in her outstretched arms…crowned with a speech by her Majesty’s to the tunes of Paul McCartney or God knows who…I say God knows who because I did not watch and will not watch…The Twitter garbage was enough of a scene.

So in between those nauseating tweets, I tried focusing on the realities of the Empire, the White one…the British American one, the Western one…

And amid the orgiastic exclamations, a small tiny voice of sanity  linked a story — horrific images of the Dawood US military hospital in Kabul, supposedly funded to provide medical care to Afghan soldiers fighting along side their NATO masters.. Horrific scenes from an Auschwitz somewhere in Afghanistan.

I felt nauseous looking at these pictures, violently so…I thought to myself if these “civilized”savages called Americans and their NATO counterparts, allow this to happen to the “locals” that help and assist them…can you image what they do to the “Enemy” ? The neglect in this Kabul hospital can be qualified as nothing but pure RACISM and a deep contempt and hatred towards the Afghans, towards Muslims. You can see the pictures here.

Violently nauseous I was…am…
[From An Arab Woman Blues – Reflections in a sealed bottle…: In My Mother’s Arms…]



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