Part III – The Innocence of Muslims


Violence is ugly…am well placed to know. I witnessed the violence of the White Man in Iraq. It is a savage violence… 

Yes, violence is heinous, drones who killed this little boy’s entire family, knows how heinous it…

Yes violence is ugly…hideous… Afghan women are well placed to know when a strike killed 8 of them while they were gathering wood just 48 hours after your Ambassador and his aides died… and the reaction on Twitter was indifferent, at best lukewarm. Who gives a damn – more Afghan women and girls getting killed — surely not the global feminist movement who is now urging us to protest naked, nor our house Muslims with their veils and nasal twangs. 

Yes violence…a horrible thing…a terrible thing…a savage thing…

Yes violence…I know it…I wake up drenched in sweat, this morning was no exception…I saw myself in Baghdad, terrorized Baghdad in tatters….scared, scarred, pleading with the sacred, running like a fugitive, like a savage…crossing a street not knowing when an explosion will take me…I stumble in my savage race for life…and fall…on a colony of black dead roaches, lying on their backs.
[From Part III – The Innocence of Muslims]



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