Snapshots – Monsters in the Light.


Iraqi artist – Ali Najjar, 2011

I love the night, there is something of a black velvet in the night…I like the way obscurity covers up….I like not having to see….I like the darkness….I find it restful, appeasing, calm…

Daylight exposes. You see the imperfections, the cracks, the rust, the deformities, the ugliness…

Dark is Mercy, Light is Wrath…

When a something, someone is born, you say — it has seen the Light. It emerges from the canal of darkness, of security, comfort and mercy to a world of black and white first, then to colors…but at first, it cries when it open its eyes and sees the light….

Crying is a sign that you have seen the light….it has differentiated you, it has separated you…and has   exposed the other…in a world of mirrors and reflections…

Today, the o’ so proper BBC, ran a piece,  en passant…hoping no one would notice…Western media is good at running pieces…it ran many in 2003, and made sure everyone noticed. Pieces and rags of old tattered cloths from the days of Empire…where l’Esprit civilisateur galloped along with her Majesty’s horses…into grandiose delusions….delusions of political and moral superiority….delusions of an inherent nobility….delusions of a know it all savior….or so we are told….
I don’t like to mention your names no more…Americans, British…your names mean nothing. I call you the West…
So Her Majesty’s media ran a piece… about birth defects in Iraq being up by 60% since 2003. A generation or two of Iraqi Frankensteins….mirrors and reflections. Your ugliness and your deformity. 
Ten years on, and you are still farting the same old stench…maybe we shouldn’t have after all, maybe we miscalculated, we fumbled, maybe there were a few errors, we didn’t plan enough, maybe we shouldn’t have dismantled the army, the state, the technocrats ….maybe, maybe….
Who are you to decide in the first place what should have been done in/to Iraq…Who are you to decide the fate of a sovereign nation in the corridors of your CIA and M16 ? Listening to you argue in your crappy articles, I want to slap you all….and hard, like they slap a newborn as it emerges from the womb….covered in blood and feces…to see the light…
Covered in blood and feces…like in Abu Ghraib, like in your Freedom dungeons of the new Iraq
Mission accomplished 
Who am I ?
A witness…in the dark, tired of words.

[From Snapshots – Monsters in the Light.]



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