Israel’s Secret NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) Weapons

Weapons of mass destruction abound…..

Given the initiatve offered for a WMD-free Middle East by Syria and it’s refusal by Israel, we can read ‘hated enemy’ – a stance worse than childish tantrums, horrible. For that behabiour, the nations should reprimand Israel, and note in a UN assembly, that Isreal is in disgrace until…….

the real Syrian Free Press


Israel’s Secret NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) Weapons

by Manlio Dinucci – Voltairenet

For years, Syria and Egypt refused to abandon their chemical weapons facing a threatening neighbor, Israel, which develops very sophisticated ones, in addition to biological and nuclear weapons. However, while Syria has joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , we are taking a look at Israeli activities.

The UN inspectors who monitor chemical weapons in Syria would have much to do if they were sent to monitor the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (NBC) of Israel. But according to the rules of “international law”, they cannot do so. Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non -Proliferation Treaty, nor the Convention Banning Biological Weapons , and has signed but not ratified the Convention Banning Chemical Weapons.

According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, Israel – the only nuclear power in the Middle East, has 100 to…

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