Witless Obedience of Government to Who?

The video,t Syria The True Story shows clearly how UK Government Foreign Office, together with French government, keenly rush to blame Assad for atrocities on Houla without evidence, and further, in so doing manage to thwarte a real investigation.

Evidence later emerges, atrocities were clearly committed by so-called ‘Syrian Opposition’

I don’t think our elected representatives actions indicate a special stupidity alone, in jumping to conclusions in so serious a matter, with disastrous consequences to follow.

The indication is even worse: it demonstrates an obedience to what they seem to think is a superior informant – one beyond the public’s scrutiny, one for whom reason may be abandoned; therefore it also indicates those same official representatives believe their invisible informant is the voice and will of a superior power, whom at some point earlier they have decided to serve over and above reason in truth, in full public view.

So, whom – or what secret society, might this informant be? When exactly did they come to serve it?


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