WMASAW Celebrates Four (4) Million Hits..

WMASAW Celebrates Four (4) Million Hits..
What Men are saying about Women.


WMASAW Heading towards the magic 4 Million Hits rate.


Hits so Far today, takes it up and over Four Million Hits already.
Current total – Pageviews today 425 »

Accumlative Total of Hits 3,999,657

Grand Total of 4,000,082

Thanks to everyone reading and following this Site. Congratulation to us ALL.

How this site and blog came about..

It was not that long ago when the MM first raised it’s concerns on the web. Back in those days, the chance of being read or even noticed was that slim that even a hit rate of twenty per day was something to celebrate. Now there are a plethora of MM sites as they continue to grow and raise subject and topic that the feminastie movement has dominated for the last five decades.

Feminist logo version 2
Feminist Hate Movement’s Contortions and Parturition.

That hate movement still lives in constant denial of the damage they have wrought, sought and justified, that has destroyed millions of lives just for the sake of making changes to behaviour that was generated over centuries, to comply with their moronic doctrine and vacant theories.

Feminist Goals Will Ensure that their Aims Will/Does Hurt the Very Females They Claim to Represent.

Feminism was NEVER about ‘equality’ or specifically ‘women’.

Now we witness the end result of their experimentation and the endless chaos it has introduced. The majority of changes that the feminastie movement has introduced and forced through law were based on lies, a plethora of misinformation, which appealed to well off, selfish, self-aggrandising, middle-class white women; delusional and completely corrupt, spoilt in their current hypocritical situations, they found themselves in. By sucking society dry via taxpayers dollars, they promoted their Marxist totalitarian, fascist doctrines onto everyone, as they still try to do today. But with a lot more resistance today.

Canadian Feminists Demanded the Banning of the Men’s Movement.

They even tried to ban the Men’s Movement from the WEB with parliamentary legislation, to be generated in Canada by their fellow hate mongers, who are still in positions of power today. Positions that they were given solely due to the fact they carried a veejayjay as well as being a feminastie.

Rather than try to improve the situation, at the time, by introducing practical and well thought through changes, they instead opted for lies, abuse and a range of deranged accusations that will inevitably effect the very sex they have always claimed to represent, but never proven or even remotely justified. Whenever they tried to justify their disgusting behaviour it was via well rehearsed lies, exaggerations and biased, self-generated information they claim to be factual.

That entire movement is and was, nothing more than a complete sham, that fulfilled the wishes of narcissists and psychotic females, who were incapable of assessing the difference between HATE SPEECH from anything else. Mostly because the original majority were indeed lesbians, and had a major self-interest in destroying Men and Boy’s reputations and behaviour. (Check the video from the first “Abused Male Convention in the 70s”.)

Feminists and other Hate Mongers are Now Entrenched In Gov Dept, Schools, Colleges, Universities,

Education System and the Judiciary to ensure their Hate Programs Continue.

Now they are so entrenched, so reliant on government coffers, blood sucking the taxpayer’s dollars at billions every year, so to make their removal not only a mammoth task but also a thoroughly enjoyable exercise. My own end dream and goal is to hold those criminals, those hate encouraging narcissists, be held to account and make sure they spend the appropriate time in prison for the hate and malice they have generated and supported so diligently for so long.

I would even visit them in the slammer, just so I could have a good laugh and rub their moronic, unbalanced and completely biased hate doctrine and meme(s) in their faces. Nothing would give me greater joy and pleasure. That would certainly make my day.

The Reason for the Existence of this Blog. (Give it back the way they dish it out)

Fighting against that hate movement is the reason this site and blog is here on the web. It is the reason why this site now celebrates it’s FOUR (4) Millionth HIT. It also represents the facts that a lot of people are now taking more notice and are also of the same opinion about feminism. That it has to go as it has destroyed enough lives and created an almost endless war between the sexes for no other reason than feeding the egos of those much hated, toxic females that started this all in the first place under false pretenses.

Feminists HAVE to Be Held to ACCOUNT..

They are still alive and present. So they will also be able to sit out the rest of their miserable lives inside a prison cell where they belong. Their hate mongering can only be compared to all those other events in history that ended in millions of deaths and the alienation of society. They deserve what they get._CXygINBRMY

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