Child Visitation Manipulation and Hysteric Responses from a ‘Mother’..

Child Visitation Manipulation and Hysteric Responses from a ‘Mother’..
What Men are saying about Women.


The Abusive Behavior of a Mother.

Here we have a classic situation of a manipulating, hysteric female, that wants to completely control the situation. The blatant refusal to accept the situation and resorting to violence and abuse is just incomprehensible. This woman has been accused of assault and physical abuse by her son. The mother just will not accept the fact that the 14 year old boy does not want a bar of the psychotic mother. The outcome is good. The boy stands his ground, as he states that he has been abused, threatened and physically assaulted by his mother and completely refuses to exit the vehicle to go back inside after a child visitation by his Father.

Police Officers Make Correct Decision.

The boy and his Father are completely relaxed and calm, although the boy does get very emotional when he states the action his mother has taken against and decides on the spot, that he will not go back inside that house and wants to stay with his dad. The Police action is to be commended. They acted in the way one expected they should. The teenager felt in fear of future abuse by that obnoxious woman, who clearly demonstrates just how irrational she really is. An absolute eye opener. Well worth a look, that’s for sure.

It demonstrates just how uncaring women can be when their authority and their over-inflated ‘rights’ are threatened. It has nothing to do with the child but everything to do with her own need to be in control.


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