Amanda Rodgers Marries a DOG ; Are Women Sane ?

Amanda Rodgers Marries a DOG ; Are Women Sane ?
What Men are saying about Women.

Amanda Rogers marries a dog.

Are Women Sane ?

This is what happens when women are given carte blanche to behave however they want. Previously it was the case that certain types of behaviour was discouraged, like shagging in public, dressing up like a whore or going topless was considered to be behaviour that was completely unacceptable and rightly so. We are not animals and should not behave in the same fashion.

Thank feminist intrusion.

But ever since the feminasties demanded that all females be given open slather to do whatever they want, their behaviour has not only gotten worse but also demonstrates just how shallow women really are. One wonders how long all this obvious incoherent behaviour has been hiding?

We were warned.

Philosophers, as well as books of wisdom like bibles and other philosophical tomes have repeatedly warned against giving women complete carte blanche over their behaviour and lives. They have warned that women do not have any knowledge of any limitations to their lurid and decadent behaviour and rightly so, as we have all witnessed and has been clearly demonstrated by women themselves.

Women have NO limitations on their Nefarious Behaviour.

Examples of their behaviour can be witnessed by their endless need to display excessive amount of flesh. A trait that apparently women find just way too hard to resist. One can understand that having that life long urge to expose skin would afflict them with a nasty, attitude when they get older and find their skin-flashing days are over and so is their power to control attention.

So what do they do when they realise they can no longer attract the opposite sex ?
That mental deranged condition surfaces and we can all thank the leftist mentality for their interference into something they have absolutely no common sense about and thereby ignoring all those ancient historical warnings that they obviously refuse to pay any attention to, for the complete incomprehensible morons they really are.
‘Women should do whatever they want’ they screamed. Well, here it is, job well done..


A woman from South London has married her dog in a bizarre ceremony in Croatia, following a failed marriage to a human man.
Amanda Rodgers married her dog Sheba in front of 200 people in March, and subsequently appeared on ITV’s “This Morning” to discuss the matter.
Rodger’s, 47, explained: “‘Sheba had been in my life for years, making me laugh and comforting me when I was feeling low,’ she said. “I couldn’t think of anything more I’d need from a life partner.”
“She was two weeks old and she was new to the world – but I fell in love with her,” Amanda said, when asked if they fell in love at first sight.
“I knew that we were meant to be.” The ceremony ended with a kiss between the pair. Rodgers said it was the perfect way to mark what Sheba means to her.
“There are different kinds of love — my love for Sheba is very deep. We have a deep connection.”
TV show host Phillip Schofield asked her: “It’s a big step to go from caring for your dog to marrying it – why did you get there?”
“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” she replied. “There are different kinds of love – my love for Sheba is very deep. We have a deep connection.”
Schofield seemingly had to hold back his laughter to ask: “Do you think she knows?”
“Yes, and I am totally her b****,” Amanda replied sharply.


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