Syria: the American approach to solving the conflict

Syria: the American approach to solving the conflict
New Eastern Outlook

445The US State Department is verifying the claim that Syrian forces used chemical weapons against the opposition, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki. “We have some information about an attack involving chemical weapons, probably chlorine, which took place this month in an opposition-held village. We are investigating allegations that government forces were responsible for the attack,” said Mrs. Psaki.

She added that the chemical in question presumably is not a category I or II hazardous substance. According to Mrs. Psaki, the USA will consult with its partners on this issue, including with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

No sooner had the unfortunate incident happened than American clairvoyants announced that “responsibility” lay with “government troops”. Generally, both in global practice and in everyday life, a thorough investigation must be conducted before one can draw conclusions. But judging by recent events associated both with Syria and Ukraine, American policy has gone “overboard”, and everything is being done to bleach the black dog of American politicians white. However, this is unlikely to turn out well for the current American administration and its president, they demonstrated too much incompetence in the international arena last time.

In this case, the Syrian regime has blamed terrorists for conducting a chemical weapons attack in the village of Kfar Zeita in Hama province, in Western Syria. Syrian state television announced that the Jabhat an-Nusra group, which is associated with the international terrorist network, Al Qaeda, is responsible for the spraying of chlorine gas in the region. As a result, two people have died, and 100 more were poisoned to various degrees.

However, this official announcement by Damascus, which is accustomed to being true to its own words and not deceiving the international community, was not even considered by the American administration. Washington, accustomed to deception with everyone and everything, stands on the side of bandits and terrorists in Syria, who for many years have wrought chaos in this once peaceful country. (By the way, it is not just Syria: recall Libya, and Ukraine are other examples!). In Syria, the armed conflict continues since March 2011, a conflict which has claimed more than 130 thousand lives, according to the UN. Government forces face hired militias and terrorists belonging to various armed groups, and which include foreign mercenaries. And we can say with full confidence that the blood of the deceased Syrians lies on the hands of the American President, the “Nobel Laureate”, Barrack Obama, along with other Western leaders and the conservative Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf.

Numerous factors attest to the fact that these forces unleashed a civil war and sent numerous terrorists there, whom they actively supply with modern weaponry, in order to bring down the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and Syria itself. None other than the US media themselves reported that the current administration decided to expand its program of training armed Syrian opposition forces and providing them aid.

According to the plans of the US administration, as reported by The Washington Post, Syrian armed opposition forces will be trained in camps on the territory of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The number of rebels to be trained each month will double to 600 people. The CIA will monitor the implementation of the program, and the US administration continues to discuss whether to use special forces in this process. Furthermore, the USA will give Saudi Arabia the “green light” to supply rebels with anti-aircraft missile systems.

Earlier, US President Barrack Obama announced that the country’s authorities are looking for new ways to pressure the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He believes that the resolution to the conflict in Syria, which is wracked by civil war, should not be expected in the near future, and for this reason, the USA plans to consider multiple ways to facilitate the delivery of “aid” to the country. “There will be some intermediate steps that we can take applying more pressure to the Assad regime and we are going to be continuing to work with all the parties concerned to try to move forward on a diplomatic solution,” – Barrack Obama stated.

A “diplomatic solution” to the Syrian conflict, according to Americans, means continuous new supplies to armed terrorists. The special forces of the USA and Saudi Arabia facilitated the transfer to the Syrian opposition of an entire batch of military equipment, including portable anti-tank missile systems, the well-informed Wall Street Journal later reported. At the beginning of March these systems, according to American journalists, well sent to Syria through Turkey and Jordan. As the representative of the Syrian opposition told the publication in Washington, the delivery of the equipment is merely a touchstone for the more large-scale delivery of new weapons. The no less well-informed Wall Street Journal also reported the possible increase in the deliveries of MANPADS and payments to Syrian insurgents, terrorists and bandits.

On April 5th, a video was uploaded to YouTube with the title “Syrian Rebels Using American-Made BGM-71 TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missiles”. According to the independent news site Debka file, Saudi Arabia is delivering there weapons to Syrian fighters with the permission of Washington. The BGM-71 Tow is a heavy anti-tank system with an optical sight and wired control system. This monster of American weaponry can penetrate the 50mm armor of Syrian tanks and fortifications from a distance of four kilometers. According to Debka file, two groups are armed with sophisticated American weaponry – the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Revolutionary Front, which Washington considers to be supposedly moderate.

The problem is that, as many American experts say, around half of all Syrian fighters are jihadists and radical Muslims. In other words, if the anti-tank missiles are located in Syrian now, it is completely possible that they may fall into the hands of terrorists. In this case, civilians and civilian facilities may find themselves in the line of fire of heavy artillery: hospitals, houses, public transportation. There is also the danger that anti-tank missiles will be used against the USA itself and its allies in the future.

This is the logic behind the conflict unleashed in Syria at the initiative of Western countries. A conflict which began with anti-regime demonstrations three years ago and has transformed into a war between armed groups. Furthermore, there is an entire army of foreign mercenaries within the country that don’t have any ties to Syria. The majority of mercenaries (around 70%) are people from Middle Eastern countries, mainly from Jordan (as many as 2089 people), Saudi Arabia (1016), Tunisia (970), Lebanon (890), and Libya (556). However, the number of citizens of Western Europe that have joined the ranks of the international terrorists has grown at an alarming rate this past year: in 2013 their number increased from 600 in April to 1900 by the end of the year. Western Europeans now make up up to 20% of foreign mercenaries in Syria, the majority of recruits are from France (412), Great Britain (366), Germany (240), Belgium (296), and the Netherlands (152). More than 200 Americans and Canadians are fighting in the ranks of Jabhat al-Nusra. There can be no doubt that upon their return home, the European and American fighters will undertake the same international terrorist activities in their homelands as well. And meanwhile they fight in Syria for the creation of a Muslim government as the basis of a future caliphate, which will in the future eject the USA and the West from the entire Middle East.

In its turn, Russia, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, has not sent any prohibited items to Syria. “We do not deliver anything that could destabilize the regional situation”, – stated the head of the MFA. He also reiterated Moscow’s hopes that the discussions by both sides in Syria on the details of forming a transitional governing body in the country would begin after the “Geneva-2″ negotiations. It is fully clear that the international community wants to foster peace in Syria, so that the country is sovereign and possesses territorial integrity, is free of terrorism, and so that all the rights of ethnic and religious groups are respected there.

Moscow, as well as the entire international community, is concerned over the situation in Syria, where fighters from some militant Islamists groups are vying against each other for power and influence. The Islamic Front, Jabhat an-Nusra, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant are all struggling to some extent with terrorism, because they all share practically the same ideology. But we must remember that they are not fighting with terrorism as a phenomenon, but in order to win territory in Syria, to put it bluntly, for power.

Moscow, unlike Washington, which is resorting only to force to solve the Syrian conflict, is striving to find a peaceful resolution to the extremely complicated problem and put a stop to the bloodshed. In this regard, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, has spoken by phone once again with the Special Representative for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, about the prospects for a settlement in Syrian and the path towards a peaceful solution to the crisis in the SAR. During the conversation, Minister Lavrov specifically emphasized the necessity of renewing negotiations between the delegations of the Syrian government and the opposition.

The Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation to the Near East, Deputy Head of the Russian MFA, Mikhail Bogdanov, after meeting with the representatives of the Syrian opposition group “Syrian House Experts”, stated: “The Russian government attracted the attention of the leaders of the Syrian foreign opposition to the inevitability of a political and diplomatic path to resolving the Syrian crisis and the necessity of decisively distancing oneself from terrorists and extremists.” At the same time, he emphasized the importance of ensuring “the most representative character of the opposition delegation at intra-Syrian negotiations and the involvement of representatives from a broad range of opposition movements in the political process, including those operating within Syria.”

Victor Mikhin, member correspondent of RANS, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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