Syrian Perspective

Sarjaa and Mantaf:

It is hard to believe that Saudis can write, much less publish or – even – photocopy anything without the help of Ethiopians or Filipinos, but, our army found a “huge” cache of paperwork sent by the simian Arabians to their fellow terrorists in these two towns. The contents of the documents have not been revealed to the press, although, I have received a sly little hint from Wael that it is all very “humiliating” (مذلل) for the Saudis. Along with documents, pamphlets, (Wahhabist) fliers and the like, were CDs with “inspiring” sermons from some “Dawaa’is” exhorting the “now dead” faithful to battle on despite all setbacks. Unfortunately for the inept, cavity-ridden propagandists of the Wahhabi Magic Kingdom, their targets will not be fighting any time soon because they were all killed:

  • Khaleel Al-Sibaa’iy
  • Muhammad Hantoor
  • ‘Abbood Mulayji
  • Mahmoud Karaawiyaa
  • ‘Umar Shihaada
  • Kan’aan Al-Labbaan
  • Faarooq Al-Khateeb
  • Muhammad-‘Ali Fayyaadh
  • Nijmeddeen Al-Ahmadi
  • ‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Dayri

Another 4 could not be identified.

  • Fighting reported here: Binnish (continuing SAA assault), Al-Kafeer, Ma’arrat Nu’maan, Maghaara, Kinsafraa, Al-Raami, Ma’ar Dibsa, Jabal Al-Arba’een margins, Kooreen Hatcheries.


What a relief all the terrorists are gone with so many having surrendered. The rebuilding of the city has already been planned and we’re just waiting for engineers to clear out the booby-trapped cars and IEDs. With the help of many of the “amnestied” former terrorists, the process is moving apace.

Al-Hameediyya in Old Homs: 5 IEDs were dismantled.

‘Aydoon near Al-Rastan: An attack on a checkpoint went nowhere. SAA killed 2 terrorists. No other details.

Skirmishing reported in these places:

  • SW Hasyaa`, Keeseen Bay, Talaf, Taldu, Kafr Laahaa (SAA raid), Tal Al-Kanz, Khirbat Al-Khaabiya near Al-Qusayr, Al-Khaalidiyya Village, Al-Ghaasibiyya, Al-Khaaniq Village near Al-Rastan, Burj Qaa’iy, Al-Sama’leel, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Tal Al-Shaykh Muhammad, Daar Al-Kabeera, Mughayzel, Ghumaymaat in East Homs rural, Al-Mahassa near Al-Qaryatayn.


City: On Fu’aad Cinema Avenue, 2 flatbeds with 23mm cannons and 2 vans were eradicated near a warehouse used to store weapons, ammo and gasoline. The terrorists were all foreign. No details on the number killed or wounded.

Al-Rushidyya Quarter: A group with the name of “Al-Faatihoona min Ardh Al-Shaam” (The Conquerors from Syria), a totally foreign group, were rendered extinct the day before yesterday near the City Administration Building.

  • Bilaal Al-‘Azzaawi (a/k/a Abu Muhammad Al-Faatih. Leader. IRAQI PERVERT AND MONEY LAUNDERER)

Al-Huwayqa Quarter: 2 flatbeds with 23mm cannon were destroyed. 9 terrorists killed. No names.

Al-Rusaafa Quarter: SAA killed or wounded many in the Jabhat Al-Islam including:

  • Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Kandah
  • “Abu Dajaana” (known as the expert on the Shari’ah for this group. He was almost illiterate)

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