Western Powers Perfect “Color Revolution” Formula: Tajik Official

Western Powers Perfect “Color Revolution” Formula: Tajik Official
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May 14, 2014

Global powers deduce “color revolutions” formula – Tajik security chief

DUSHANBE: Global powers are thwarting development in small countries by maintaining a high degree of piousness within their societies, and inspire “color revolutions” to replace unwanted governments within hours, head of the Tajik State National Security Committee (GKNB) Saymumin Yatimov said in an article.

“Global geopolitical players on a great chessboard remain champions because in their strategic goals they think through their moves for decades and even centuries ahead,” Yatimov wrote in an article titled “Ideology and national interest,” published on Wednesday in the Jumhuriyat (“Republic”) newspaper, an official publication of the Tajik government.

“They (global powers) are trying to study well their ideological opponents, learn everything about them, including their genetic, ethnic and racial features, the level of intellect, the prospects for every nation from the viewpoint of their creative potential, they are trying to achieve maximum insight into the nature and psychology of the nation they chose as a target to be able to gain control over processes of establishing a political regime and then run them,” the Tajik security chief said.

The power nations “will only calm down when incompetent circles come to power, in other words simpletons, because it is easier to rule a nation that is ignorant,” Yatimov said.

The author does not refer to any specific nation but mentions “Western countries” when talking about religion.

“Already there is an elaborate scientific program of direct or covert ideological influence on nations, and the experience of color revolutions, the mechanism of their implementation, evolution and their logical conclusion confirm this idea,” said Yatimov, who has led the GKNB since September 2010, and prior to that appointment had served as Tajikistan’s Ambassador to Belgium and Deputy Foreign Minister.

“In the course of planning ideologists meticulously study and develop every step, regardless of their catastrophic effect on the fate of the nation chosen as a target,” the Tajik security chief said.

“In case the interests of outside players coincide with the selfish goals of interested individuals and groups within the country, i.e. cheap local human resources, developments can take a tragic turn,” he said.

Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon, who is often accused of nepotism by independent experts and media, stated repeatedly after revolutions in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine that Tajikistan does not face a similar scenario because the republic went through the bloody five-year civil war in the 1990s and the nation remembers its lessons.

Although Western countries rejected “a tie-up between government and religion” centuries ago, they actively maintain a high degree of piousness in poor countries, Yatimov said.

“Geopolitical players make efforts to ensure that as few countries as possible move away from the clerical government system, particularly in Islamic countries,” wrote the head of the Tajik GKNB.

“The process of religious attachment of the society in Muslim countries is being especially provoked from abroad,” he said.

Tajikistan, where the overwhelming majority of population are Muslims, is nevertheless trying to preserve all signs of a secular state at the official level. Women are prohibited from wearing religious clothing in educational and government institutions, minors are not allowed to go to mosques unless they have to attend a funeral. However, not all these bans are being enforced in practice, and experts point to an ever-increasing role of religion in the Tajik society.

“The goal of geopolitical players is to prevent Muslim countries from being able to achieve a solid and durable peace and stability, to cut them off from scientific and economic achievements. They believe that ‘one must act to ensure Muslims are tied up on their internal problems all their life’,” Yatimov said.

The West has thought up numerous ideologies, in particular, Wahhabism, Salafism, Tahrirism, Talibanism, “which were created abroad, distributed among Muslims and serve to the benefit of their authors – the denigrators of Islam and of the followers of this holy religion,” the Tajik security chief said.

Original Article: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/western-powers-perfect-color-revolution-formula-tajik-official


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