UN report on human rights abuses in Ukraine “totally biased


UN report on human rights abuses in Ukraine “totally biased” – Russian FM


“We have to note that this report has little in common with the actual state of affairs with human rights in Ukraine. The total absence of objectivity, blatant discrepancies and double standards leave no doubt that its authors fulfilled a political order to “whitewash” the self-proclaimed authorities in Kiev,” ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a commentary published on the ministry’s website.

“The authors cynically described the actions of certain pro-Russian activists as the reason behind the massacre in Odessa. But they did not say a word about how the extremists and neo-Nazis going berserk burned peaceful citizens of Ukraine alive, finished off those injured and fired at people in the windows of the Trade Unions House. Any information about either the criminal lack of action on the part of law enforcement agencies or the subsequent detentions of federalization supporters is also absent. The whole situation was presented effectively in official Kiev’s interpretation,” Lukashevich said.


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