Edward Snowden Proves “Education” is Spiritual Suicide

Edward Snowden Proves “Education” is Spiritual Suicide

Screen-Shot-2014-05-27-at-3.39.30-PM.pngLeft, It takes a highschool dropout like Edward Snowden to model citizenship.

“None of my kids, nor any of theirs, all home schooled,
are fooled by the kept media, government or academia.”

by Tony Blizzard

Edward Snowden probably has no idea which of his remarks gave us the best reason to accept him as honest and sincere.

When I read his admission that he had no high school diploma, I realized that this makes him much more likely to be a man of principle. Reasons follow.

As another man without a high school diploma, I discovered many years ago that the “educated” class is generally not educated at all, it is mis-educated. The whole purpose of American (perhaps all “western”) “higher education” is obviously to bring minds into lock step with “The Agenda.” As a general rule, the less official American education a person has been exposed to, the greater his/her ration of common sense.

The best backing of this concept is the now life work of John Taylor Gatto, once named teacher of the year in NYC and again for New York State. It was Gatto whose research informed me that American public education is a carbon copy of that first forced on Prussia for the express purpose of re-making the population into happy little spokes in the government wheel. In American today, it might better be described as the corporate wheel. Not very different as America’s governments are totally in the pocket of Wall Street bankers and the monopoly capitalist industries they finance.

jker.jpg(left, John Kerry calls Snowden a traitor. Who do you trust? Snowden or Skull & Bones’ John Kerry)

For decades, I have been able to discern within ten minutes of political or economic argument or discussion whether or not my opposite has a college degree.

A college grad with establishment arguments and beliefs will generally show a mind closed up tight AGAINST common sense but absolutely positive of those implanted, usually asinine, totally illogical, political or economic beliefs. Always flowing with “The Agenda” but without the person having a clue even that an agenda exists. In fact, those you inform of it tend to laugh at your supposed gullibility, which they should actually aim at themselves.

In other words, the purpose, the plan, the philosophy, behind American education in general and “higher” education in particular is what Pequita de Shishmareff (L. Fry of “Waters Flowing Eastward” and others) labeled it for me when I was a young man – PLANNED IGNORANCE. Parents would agree to that description instantly except that most of them, too, have been so victimized.

That was roughly half a century ago. Today it is still planned ignorance, but once the mind has been emptied of any worthwhile knowledge it is now reloaded with “politically correct” lies. Mostly, at least in the school grades, it is done through high sounding but meaningless (or hidden meaning) buzz words and phrases. You can see it now in small children who often react like one would expect of the past soviet Young Pioneers to these “buzzes” with highly encouraged emotional stupidity, like cattle being turned into a pen in mutual fear. And most of the direction of the manipulated emotions surplanting rational thought are toward the reactors’ own eventual destruction.

In spite of many with good intentions, there is no “correcting” this default of American mis-education, especially by throwing even more money at it. There is only one rational answer, home schooling.

Without either a diploma or a wife, I home schooled as much as possible my own children when it was a jail-able offense, moving often yearly in the process. None of my kids, nor any of theirs, all home schooled, are fooled by the kept media, government or academia. In fact, they now supply me with information missed. My great-grandchildren, as they reach school age, will also be home schooled. And neither will they be fooled.

How about you? Think of many more Edward Snowdens and many less constantly lying John Kerry’s.

Or any other establishment “leader” you wish to substitute. There is no secret formula to home schooling. With today’s Internet it is beyond simple. And as a happy plus, home schooled children are recognized everywhere as having proper attitudes for children, not bratty rebellion that comes universally within the government houses of horror.

Original Article: http://henrymakow.com/2014/05/edward-snowdenproves-education.html


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