International observers endorse Syrian elections

International observers endorse Syrian elections
Oriental Review

Syria’s first multi-candidate presidential election in more than 40 years has begun earlier today. Facing strong and mostly hypocritical critisism from the West, the poll is about to demonstrate the real scale of public support President Assad is enjoying inside the country, heroically resisting foreign-sponsored aggression for more than three years. Expected pro-Assad voting in […]

What are your thoughts on the Western-proposed alternative, Ahmad Jarba?

Judith Bello: He’s lived for years in Saudi Arabia and has close ties with the Sauds. He is not welcome in Syria, nor was his predecessor, Ghassan Hitto, who spent most of his adult life in Texas. He has no base in Syria, except he provides money and weapons to the insurgency. He is a false front, being put forth by the US as a potential leader, the “government in exile”….

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