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Syrian Perspective humbly points out that we were the first to reveal the role of ‘Izzaat Ibraaheem Al-Doori in the unfolding disaster in Iraq. We have been following Al-Doori for years after he escaped the kangaroo courts set up for him by the American High Commissioner, L. Paul Bremer, arguably one of the world’s most accomplished imbeciles, and went into hiding north of his home town of Mosul where he bobbed up and down along the fault lines between Arabs, Kurds and Turks. He eventually wound up in Turkey where he was adopted by a team of American and British spooks who were introduced to him by Erdoghan’s goons in the MIT. Since that time, they have been grooming him for the role he is playing now.


Some of you may have heard a recent declaration emanating from Mosul that ISIS now has a unified command with Al-Doori at the helm. This is true. Al-Doori was a former military man in Iraq who rose to prominence under Saddam and became the only man capable of spitting in the fearsome leaders face without so much as a raised eyebrow. However, Al-Doori has no substantial military experience as a field commander and can be expected to flop fairly soon. He is furthermore riddled with poor health, suffering from a spectrum of respiratory and nephrogenous conditions which will take his life soon.

That a Nakhshabandi/Ba’athist (read: Sufist) like Al-Doori could ally with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi is proof positive that the whole ISIS movement is an American proxy fattened up with Saudi lucre and tarted up with Jihadist terrorist platitudes. The pretense by Obama that he is willing to send in air power to Iraq to help Al-Maliki is a mere Trojan Horse or Jaleela’s Dowry, a method to dislodge Prime Minister Al-Maliki after it became clear the disgraced American president couldn’t oust our Dr. Bashar Al-Assad. The Zionist plan, concocted and promoted by the Neo-Con traitors, is that the Fatimid Crescent is more like a necklace with beads than a true crescent. If you can’t rid yourself of the Syrian bead, go after the Iraqi one. That this is a Zionist plan is evident from the fact that only they would proffer such a sociopathic vision that would entail the extermination of the indigenous Christians of Iraq and Syria.

The Neo-Con traitors’ scheme is like this: In order to smother Hizbollah, you must bisect its lifeline to Iran. That means destroy Syria or Iraq. They targeted Syria first since it seemed to be the weakest of the 2 links. But, Syria was not the weakest given the immense support it received from both the Russian Federation and Iran. This left Iraq as a target in order to push back Iranian regional machinations and isolate Hizbollah. If Iraq could be put back into the hands of the Saddamists, like Al-Doori, Iraq would once again become a buffer against Iran and a black hole for Hizbollah. I want to mention here, also, that Saudi Arabia’s recent admonition that foreign forces should stay out of the Iraqi conflict is only meant to deflect accusations of its own incontrovertible involvement in financing this ISIS monster in both Syria and Iraq.

Three realities have now emerged from all this for the Zionist leeches: 1. The Bush campaign against Saddam was a disaster of historic proportions which must be corrected; 2. Hizbollah is one of the most menacing forces that the Zionist Settler State must face in any future conflict; 3. The same disastrous plan used against Syria could still work in Iraq with proper planning.

Note General Qaassem ‘Ata’s statements to the press yesterday in Baghdad. He warned citizens and the public at large to beware of the “biased” reporting in those media sources who have started to spew out lies and propaganda. It is the same situation as that in Syria with the one proviso that the Iraqis are fully aware of the media campaign in Syria and are prepared to counteract it.

General Qaassem ‘Ataa, the Iraqi Army spokesman, youngish-looking to be sure, warned citizens about Al-‘Arabiyya, Al-Jazeera and the rest of the well-known lie-machines used earlier against Syria.

And even more interesting, note how ISIS and its Iraqi Ba’ath allies are making sophisticated use of the Internet in order to manipulate popular opinion. The way these savages are using the Internet points clearly to tutelage from the U.S. and its British allies in Turkey and elsewhere. HINT: Watch carefully how the BBC covers the events in Iraq and you will know who is behind this entire mess.

With ISIS claiming to be in control of Iraq’s northern Arab provinces contiguous to Turkey’s borders, they have secured areas containing major oil facilities and military bases. Yesterday, they falsely claimed to have overrun the oil refinery at Bayji, Iraq’s largest. With such a project in the making, the U.S. will probably continue its logistical support for ISIS until Al-Maliki does what President Assad was supposed to do: RESIGN. But now, the ball is in Teheran’s hands. Will they stand with Al-Maliki the way they stood with Assad? And (and this is a BIG AND) will Moscow intervene here also.

Iran has a deep historic relationship to Mesopotamia/Iraq. The examples of interaction between the 2 peoples are legion. We hardly need to go back to Artaxerxes or the Barmecides to explain any of this. But, today, in theocratic Iran, the holy places of Najaf and Karbalaa` will dominate geo-political thinking. Iran will go to war to protect the Shi’i shrines and this means hundreds of thousands of Basij warriors ready to cross the Iraqi border in order to eradicate the American-supported grubs who claim to operate under the banner of this Saudi-funded gang of cannibals. That ISIS has already made clear its intention to kill the “apostates” and destroy their shrines has galvanized Iraqi volunteers protecting the Sayyida Zaynab and Sukayna shrines in Damascus and has impelled them to leave in order to continue the fight in Iraq.

We are warning American politicians not to allow American foreign policy to be directed by the Neo-Con Zionist traitors in Washington D.C. Their movement must be stanched and their ranks subject to trials for high treason.

Russia is watching these events very carefully. Iraq is a gold mine for Russian weapons manufacturers and Moscow will not be lame in its approach. However, Mr. Putin has much on his plate today. The creation of the Ukrainian crisis by NATO, but mostly by Obama, might be a gambit designed to distract the Russians while the U.S. tries to resurrect a Zionist-inspired, but failed, plan to dislodge leaders of legitimate governments in order to supplant them with corrupt, Zionist-friendly sycophants whose lives will be as lengthy as those of mayflies.

Already, the western media is starting up on Mr. Al-Maliki, accusing him of sectarianism and brutality in conducting the affairs of his country. Do not be surprised if you hear about atrocities committed by “pro-Maliki loyalists”. Already, the stories are being disseminated about Sunni prisoners in Mosul being executed by Shi’i guards as ISIS attempted to liberate them. The sickening stories, trumped up lies and propaganda, can be expected to nauseate even more readers than anything that occurred in Syria. They are not giving up. The Zionists are not going away. Unless the American, French, English and Australian peoples rise up and take back their foreign policy, this parasitic, vampiric relationship will continue to their detriment.

Mr. Al-Maliki must do what Dr. Assad did in Syria. He must gird his loins and prepare for a long bout with the American Obama Chimera. And this is not one from the imagination. The Zionist establishment is obsessed with Iran and will drag America down into the noisome abyss of Hell in order to prolong the existence of their counterfeit Ghetto State. Mr. Al-Maliki must extend his hand, as he is doing today, to all Sunnis in order to join forces to block this assault on Iraq’s Arabic Muslim/Christian and Semitic-language culture by European and Khazar Jewish settlers who have brought nothing but plague and misery to our beloved Near East. He must also continue his alliance with Dr. Assad and use the experience of the Syrian Army in battling Obama’s and Zionism’s hordes of barbarians.

More than anything else, Prime Minister Al-Maliki must have what Dr. George Habash used to call “the clear vision”. الرؤيا الواضحة He must not allow the plethora of concocted folderol and disinformation to blind him to pure objectivity in assessing the world around him. This is what kept Dr. Assad sane – his scientific training. Or as G.W.F. Hegel would suggest in the exposition of his Die Verkehrte Welt (The Inverted World), that Mr. Al-Maliki place himself in the position of his enemies and see the stage from their vantage point, thus, exposing their plans as though they were created in his own mind. ZAF


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