America, Politics Like No Other

America, Politics Like No Other
New Eastern Outlook

5435453While the world is watching elections, Ukraine, Egypt and Syria, the rightist sweep of the EU, few understand the potential for world disaster tied to the upcoming “midterm” elections in the United States.

No president will be elected but the ability to control American foreign policy and wield America’s military machine, entrenched in 150 nations around the world, is likely to increasingly be turned over to a cabal of extremist with no ties, whatsoever, to any real political movement.

America isn’t Europe, there is no “electorate” to influence, no party coalitions. There are some realities that have to be accepted in order to assess what are very real risks to world security. The great failure in Europe and elsewhere is the broad assumptions continually made about US politics, assumptions entirely invented by political analysts who know nothing about politics.

In over 50 years of American political activity, starting as a child delivering passing out leaflets for then Presidential candidate Adlai Stephenson (1954) through the murder of Robert Kennedy, whose candidacy I supported just prior to leaving for combat in Vietnam, I have lived with, watched and, quite frankly, suffered decades of shame and humiliation while watching America descend into something entirely unwholesome.

Later as a lobbyist for defense companies and eventually as a strategist in national elections, I deluded myself that somehow, men of common purpose and responsibility, answerable to a “higher ethic” could make a difference.

“There ain’t no such thing in Washington.” As former US President Harry Truman once said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”


Hatred and distrust of government is a very powerful part of managing the American people. Myth number one is that both parties are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. One thing that has to be carefully watched is the origin of what is an utterly absurd myth, that the two parties are the same. Those of us who live here know this is insane.

Almost all American elections are rigged. At one point both parties did it, based on the power of trade unions and which party had formed alliances with drug dealers and gangsters that typically have and continue to control local government, courts and police.

Now this power is entirely in the hands of the Republican Party, a minority party that has continued to rule America despite losing even rigged elections.

Had Al Gore been elected president, there would have been no 9/11, no War on Terror, no invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. We can go further. America is and has been under virtual martial law since 2001 with a fully militarized police who operate outside any consideration for human rights or legal process.

America is in an engineered class war, a race war, assaulted at every level by vast criminal organizations tied to the oligarchy that is represented by the “Grand Old Party,” the Republicans, overtly the American “UKIP” but with a twist, absolutely nothing they support ever, in any way, advances the rights or welfare of any sector of the American populace.

Let’s take a second to look at what are the primary concerns for the “conservative” or “nativist” party that is, we are told,” the same as the “other one.”

  • The primary issue over the past decade has been restructuring the American political system through two methods, “gerrymandering,” reapportioning electoral districts to secure election for unpopular extremist candidates and to legalize unlimited bribery, done through highly controversial 5/4 decisions of the US Supreme Court, an organization dominated by ties to criminal elements.
  • The roots of the Republican Party as it exists today are pure Wall Street. However, in a nation with powerful divides including a 150 year old civil war that never really ended, large sectors of the electorate generally vote with no concern for legal, moral or ethical considerations. Hatred runs deep across much of America. Tens of millions of Americans are entranced with bizarre cult worship, a combination of “Ufology” (marrying Christianity to worship of ancient alien based civilizations) and biblical prophecy whose foundation is third rate scholarship or outright fabrication. Most consider “Satanic forces” or “fallen angels” as alien invaders.
  • I will keep this as short as possible. I have a background in what we call “the security services.” During that tenure I had been tasked with assisting in “quelling” threats to executive authority mounted by criminal elements attempting to influence Americans absolutely highest officials over issues of sexual blackmail allegedly tied to homosexual pedophilia. This was well over two decades ago. Since that time, I have received highest level confirmations that such organizations not only exist but are rooted in satanic ritual murder and extend across America’s political landscape into nearly every community. If only I were making this up. These organizations are subservient to a European “nobility,” of immense financial power. No one who has accessed or learned about a higher “platform” of world power has survived. Such a “platform” exists and is the only possible explanation for the global suicide we are currently witnessing.
  • On a “micro” scale, American politics defy any imaginable logic. The strong anti-Obama moves, reputedly to restore “constitutionality” or “individual freedom” are, invariably orchestrated by totalitarian groups. Thus, rather than seeking to end wars, drone killings, widespread torture or “imperialism,” those opposing Obama policies, often with the misguided aid of those seemingly supporters of democratic principles, in reality are aligned with something far more sinister than the buffoonish neo-Fascists sweeping Europe today. The real fault with the Obama administration, as seen by his most vocal distractors is his unwillingness to unleash thermonuclear war on Russia and China, on Iran and Syria, to depopulate Africa, to crush Islam and enforce a New World Order at the hands of an American “Taliban,” white, uneducated, violent, a degenerate subculture based on a bizarre “duality” of self-righteous race hatred, drug addiction and generations of inbreeding and the inherent mental deterioration and insanity that follows. Why would so many educated Americans find themselves so “uncomfortable” with their country?

How about the political basics? We have covered a desire to subjugate the world, creating a nightmare surpassing any Orwellian vision. How about the short term? The answers are easy. America’s “conservative party” has a number of causes at its root.

No one will begin to understand any of this, why a people would work against their own interests. Let us begin.

  • A key “plank” to the “Republican platform” is full and total financial deregulation. After the overturn of America’s electoral system in 2000 and the illegal appointment of a mental defective of the lowest order to the presidency, all government oversight of stock markets, banking and the financial industry passed to law firms employed by these institutions. By 2007 they had created $2,550,000,000,000 in derivative debt, a number 1000 times beyond the total of all movable collateral, gold, foodstuffs, factories, manufactured goods, even mineral or hydrocarbon resources, solar or geothermal energy, even the wind itself.
  • Another key “plank” has been diminished freedom of speech. Bush (41) made all dissent in the US illegal. Though you will never read this, when he visited a city, all political opposition, not just “threats,” were rounded up, driven to temporary camps outside town and held at gunpoint, their mobiles phones seized, no photographs or journalist allowed. They were held there, often adjacent to swamps or in deserted industrial sites, until Bush had left, held there without water or toilet facilities. They were held at gunpoint, often with armored personnel carriers and certainly with SWAT teams onsite with fully automatic and “heavy” weapons. This happened thousands of times and has never been reported. President Obama immediately put an end to this barbaric practice.
  • The Republican Party supports full censorship of all information on the dangers of GMO foods, supports criminalizing reporting on dangerous medicines and food additives and offers full protections to companies that murder corporate whistle blowers. During the Bush presidency, it had been impossible, not only to prosecute financial fraud or dangerous pollution threats but private security organizations have and do operate across the US as corporate “death squads,” enforcing “company policy” with car bombs, anthrax, staged “street crimes” or “accidents,” typically plane crashes and not always small airplanes.

At the root, the separation of the political parties, there is a clearly global aspect. Wealth and power into the hands of the few, unlimited wealth, unlimited power, utter and absolute unaccountability, ghoulish criminality, whether trucking tons of heroin into Russia or eradicating Christian communities in Syria, what is done globally is most certainly done in the United States, under the guise of “rule of law.”

When it is said that America has 2.5 million citizens in prisons they are leaving out another 2 million in “jails” and another 10 million on parole/probation regimens with diminished civil liberties. In reality, all Americans fear ending up in prison, all Americans fear the police and all Americans fear and hate their own government.

There are 200 million modern military assault weapons owned by Americans. 40 million Americans have some military training. These are the facts that never escape the overseers, in particular how to profit from these fears and to potentially put this armed mass to misguided use.

They think of little else, as those who have studied the layers of chaos/game theory psychological operations that constitute news and media within America. Then again, a single ember of truth could put it all ablaze. A new world of hope could very well arise from those ashes.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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