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8e8c30c6701c798545b8bae2f3c7f5c4_f921.jpgYoung Men Should Learn a Trade

Universities today, almost without exception, are satanic cesspits of indoctrination and diabolical narcissism. -Ann Barnhardt

A woman with three teenaged boys, two with learning disabilities wrote to ask advice about education in light of the fact that western civilization is going to hell in a hand basket before her very eyes. My response, which I think applies to most everyone with youngsters these days:


Your two younger boys should be learning TRADES. Don’t you see that trying to force “learning disabled” men into academia is, for all intents and purposes, setting them up for total failure?

Have you ever noticed or asked yourself why there seem to be so many more people, especially boys and men, diagnosed with “learning disabilities” these days? It is because boys and men who didn’t have a specific intellectual/academic vocation (which is nothing to be at all ashamed of) used to learn TRADES and had very successful lives – up until the Communist infiltrators took over the schools and starting implementing their plan to make all people drones and slaves of the state through the schools and universities.

Able-bodied men who are NOT specifically geared toward academic pursuits should be learning things like welding, plumbing, woodworking, agriculture, heating/air conditioning, cooking, baking, etc. Most people, truth be told, simply do not need education beyond the 5th grade level. People should be able to read and write, perform arithmetic up to simple algebra, working with fractions and decimals, simple geometry (area, circumference, simple calculations with triangles, etc.) keeping a simple ledger, and calculating interest. Also, a broad survey of biology and physical science, and a broad survey of history. And, of course, thorough instruction in the Catechism.

Further, the universities today, almost without exception, are satanic cesspits of indoctrination and diabolical narcissism. It is stupid to the point of moral depravity to send a young person into such an environment, much less to saddle them with massive, unrepayable debt – to have what? An utterly meaningless, useless “degree”? In what? “Economics”? Don’t make me laugh. “Business administration”? Again, don’t make me laugh. Or maybe “psychology”, “marketing” or “communications”. Or “JOURNALISM!” What a joke. Vanity of vanities….

Original Article: http://henrymakow.com/2016/02/young-men-should-learn-a.html


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