Cabala- How Society Became a Sex Cult

Cabala- How Society Became a Sex Cult

(left, Satanist Jew Sigmund Freud, taught sexual wantonness is normal and healthy.)

Society was brainwashed to believe sexual intercourse
was the way to connect with God.
Thus humanity was inducted into a satanic sex cult.

Just as homosexuals use promiscuity to compensate for loss of healthy intimacy between a man and a woman,
the Illuminati want heterosexuals to compensate for loss of God.

Cabala – How Sex Became our Religion Updated from Feb 5, 2013
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Sex, love and “relationships” have become the ersatz religion of modern society.
The implied message — Sex is the Way to God — has been in our cultural drinking water since the 1960’s and longer.

Movies portrayed sexual intercourse in mystical terms, perfect bodies coupling to the accompaniment of angels singing.

simon.jpgThe Illuminati music industry pushed the theme that romantic love and sex connect us to God. Take Kathy’s Song (1965) by Paul Simon:
“So you see I have come to doubt/ All that I once held as true/ I stand alone without beliefs/ The only truth I know is you.”

This was followed by this scholarly exegesis: Man is “alienated” and alone in the universe. Life has no intrinsic meaning so we must make one up. Man overcomes his separation from God through sexual intercourse, which is mystical in nature. In other words, man becomes One with God by copulating.

Little did we know that the mystification of sex is pure Cabala. Cabala, the Illuminati “religion”, is Satanism.


To begin, only the Cabalist Jew and his disciples are separated from God. They are separated by virtue of their Luciferian rebellion, based on their desire to be God. They have convinced mankind to join their rebellion and feel “alienated.” I suspect most dysfunction originates in this fundamental one which is the essence of “modernism.” Instead of reality, we live in a Masonic Jewish solipsism (i.e. self-created reality.) Notice, God isn’t part of it. God is a dirty word.

Thanks to their media control, the Illuminati have convinced humanity that sexual union restores unity with the Divine. This is Cabala.

freud12.jpgIn “Sigmund Freud & the Jewish Mystical Tradition,” (1958) Jewish psychology professor David Bakan writes:

“The soul, according to the Zohar, [i.e. Cabala] has an unquenchable yearning to be united with its source in God. This union is characteristically discussed in the metaphor of sex. Generally speaking, the union of male and female is taken as the ideal form of existence. Thus, human sexual relations become symbolic vehicles of Divine acts; and the Divine creativity is understood as of a deeply erotic character itself.” (p.273)

According to the Cabala, God has a female side, called the Shekinah.

Just as man seeks unity with God through sex, so God supposedly seeks union with His female nature. In other words, man both imitates and helps God by having sexual intercourse.

All of this is nonsense. Even Jewish sources dismiss the Cabala as a hoax.

Nevertheless, this hoax, along with the Talmud, defines Judaism.

(left. David Duchovny, star of Californication, about a sex addict.)

duchovny.jpgCabalism is the Bible of a demented sex cult.It divides God into a Father and Mother figure and add son and daughter figures. Despite the incestuous implications,the Cabala is all about the son and daughter Gods having sex which is being prevented by “Satan,” who is the God of the Gentiles by the way.

“The duty of pious Jews is to restore through their prayers and religious acts the prefect divine unity, in the form of sexual union between male and female entities. ..” The prayers actually enact this seduction. (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of 3000 Years, pp. 33-34.)


First, it denies our connection to God who speaks to us through our Divine spirit (soul).

Cabala preaches that God is formless and unknowable.The whole point of religion is to worship (obey) God. How can you obey something “formless” and “unknowable”? Naturally the Satanist will convince the unwary that God is unknowable.

Second, by making the sex act a means for reaching God, the Cabalist sets up a false God. According to the Cabalist, sexual intercourse is tantamount to mystical union. Orgasm is revelation.

images666.jpegIn fact, unity with God is reached by grace, worship, devotion, selfless service, and spiritual discipline, not by copulating. But just as homosexuals use sexual excess to compensate for loss of healthy intimacy between a man and woman, heterosexuals use it to compensate for loss of God. Naturally, the Illuminati want us to imitate homosexuals.

Third, the “God” of the Cabala combines good and evil. Somehow, good will come from doing evil. Again, this is nonsense. God is Moral. He is perfection. “Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) God speaks to man through our spiritual ideals such as Truth, Beauty, Justice and Love.

Thus the Cabala is typically Satanic : making evil appear good, lies appear true; sick appear healthy, and vice-versa.

Finally, Bakan writes: “Never in the Jewish tradition was sexual asceticism a religious value.” (272) This alone disqualifies Judaism as a religion. All true religions require a renunciation of carnal desire.

Far from ascetic, the Talmud and Cabala are degenerate, opening the door to pederasty and incest. The Cabala also holds that man is bisexual, which explains Illuminati promotion of homosexuality and androgyny. Anything to overturn the natural order and spit in God’s eye.

occult-hexagram.jpgThe Illuminati used Sigmund Freud, a Cabalist, to convince the world that sexual restraint leads to neuroses and sickness.

In a speech to the B’nai Brith on his 70th birthday, Freud emphasized his Jewishness. He said he joined the Masonic Jewish lodge because of “many dark emotional forces” that made “Jews and Judaism irresistible.” He was drawn to “the clear consciousness of our inner identity the intimacy that comes from the same psychic structure.” (Bakan, p. 305)

Most Jews have hardly heard of the Talmud and Cabala, let alone read or understand them. They don’t know that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. The same applies to dupes known as Christian Zionists.


Thus, the Cabala is the reason why pussy is the Holy Grail and young women are idealized as goddesses.

This pagan sex cult is peddled by the Illuminati-controlled media. Here are some recent headlines from the Huffington Post, which puffs up the value of sex and ensures it is always in our face:

Jan 28: “Oops Amanda Seyfried Slips Off Her Undies”


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