Why am I so anxious?

Why am I so anxious?


Most of us suffer from anxiety.

This is how I am dealing with mine.

by Henry Makow Ph.D

My life is good, so I asked myself, “why am I not happier?” I meditated and traced the problem to a generalized anxiety. Addressing this problem has calmed me.

I literally had no reason to be anxious. No money worries. Good marriage. Job that is a hobby. Live in a stable, peaceful country. Things are really awfully good yet my anxiety level prevented me from enjoying life. I analyzed possible causes.

1. I’m Jewish. Many Jews are driven, anxious people by nature.

2. We live in a society that is satanically possessed. Public schools groom children for pedophiles. Occult concepts of gender are rammed down our throats by our so-called leaders. There are very few genuine constructive influences in society. The ruling elite consists of criminals and psychopaths. The ship of humanity broken free of its moorings and is heading for the rocks.

But none of this affects me personally yet. It’s true I write and tweet about it but none of it has hit home. So why fret over something I can’t change? Jonathan Swift said, if you can’t stumble over a stone, you’ll trip over a straw. Was I a victim of a generalized anxiety that would fix on any excuse?

3. Almost everything we see on the the Internet seems calculated to make us anxious. Fear mongering sells. “We’re all going to be chipped and put into FEMA concentration camps etc.” This drumbeat of fear seems calculated to paralyze and prevent action. Then, there is the mainstream TV news which is a litany of conflict, sickness and disaster. Turn the channel and you have the dramatic shows, an orgy of sex, violence and greed also calculated to make you anxious. Then there are the commercials parading beautiful women and products you might want. It seems our society is dedicated to perpetuating a collective anxiety. It’s a social malaise.


I believe there are four dimensions to reality. We all know about width, length and height. The fourth dimension is morality i.e. God.
In this dimension, Truth, Goodness, Love, Beauty and Justice are self evident. Occasionally I glimpse this dimension and am reminded to identify with it instead of the human race or the world.

I am reminded to “let go” of the world. Even if the world is completely destroyed, which is unlikely, God will be unchanged. I have to worship God and not mankind.

earth.pngThe earth can be placed on a postage stamp in the universe. How we parade and posture as human beings but we are less than ants. Yes we have the potential to be much more, but, you can’t win them all.

We’re all going to die anyway. Best for me to die to the world now and spend my remaining years doing something positive instead of being paralyzed by negativity and fear.

We’re all anxiously searching but we don’t know what we’re looking for. It is God.

Anxiety is due to fear. It is cowardice.

The cure for anxiety is to live fearlessly.

Die now and live joyously.

Since having this realization, my anxiety has diminished. Now the challenge is to execute. Instead of being so
self centred, make an effort to bring something positive to every situation.


Original Article: http://henrymakow.com/2016/08/why-am-I-so-anxious.html


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