Information warfare, the frontline is now in Syria

Information warfare, the frontline is now in Syria
Syrian Free Press / lone_bear

During the recent discussions at the Valdai Club meeting, the ex-president of Finland told Putin that bells are ringing in Finland for those killed in Aleppo. In response to this, the Russian president reasonably asked why Finnish bells are silent for the dead in Mosul. Of course, he did not receive an answer. Today, Syria is the epicenter not only of military hostilities and the so-called proxy war between Russia and the US, but the epicenter of an information war in which, for the first time, the West has been seriously challenged. Earlier, all American operations to demonize the leaders of certain countries in which they wanted to accomplish regime change were cheered and almost unopposed. But now everything is more complicated, and American spin doctors have to opt for obvious fakes to somehow justify the supranational oligarchy and bureaucracy’s desire to overthrow the Syrian government. The Americans’ main problem is that they can’t make Bashar al-Assad into a second Bin Laden, which they apparently now really regret. With Bin Laden, Gaddafi, and Hussein, it was simple – they were accused of supporting terrorism, which the normal citizen was frightened of and believed. Everything was just a matter of technique. After all, fear is a very powerful weapon. They also tried to play the weapons of mass destruction card with the Syrian leader, but failed. And most importantly, they failed to scare Western citizens with this. Now they are compelled to pressure opinion through pity, by showing on CNN how Syrian or Russian air forces are supposedly bombing schools and peaceful neighborhoods in Aleppo…>>>…

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