President Trump: Big Liar Going to Washington or Tribune of the People?

President Trump: Big Liar Going to Washington or Tribune of the People?
globalresearch / Prof. John McMurtry

Note: The following article was written up to the November 8 presidential election before Trump’s victory was declared Know a man by his enemies. Trump has countless enemies, but most of them march to the drums of endless wars of…

Trump is the closest to an egomaniac that has ever run for the presidential office. If he were not, he could not have withstood the public shaming heaped upon him by the political establishment and dominant media everywhere.

But the tens of millions of Americans for whom Trump speaks tend to have one thing in common more than anything else. They have been dispossessed and smeared by the neo-con/ neo-liberal alliance that has taken or traded away their life security and belittled them with political correctness – the establishment’s patronizing diversion from their fallen state.

All the while, the ruling money party behind the media and the wars is system-driven to seek limitlessly more money under masks of ‘free trade’ and “America’s interests abroad’. The majority is left behind as the sacrificial living dead. Multiplying transnational money sequences of the very rich have bled the world into a comatose state, and perpetual wars against the next Enemy of the cancerous system have sown chaos across the world.

Trump at least starts remission by seeing a criminally blind rule and chaos inside America itself. Before his campaign, there was helplessness against the invading wars and money sequences always profiting from the global ruin. The reality has been taboo to see in public. Only entertainments have appeared in ever new guises as the corporate money-and-war machine has rolled and careened on across all borders, now marching East through Ukraine into Russia, Brazil to Venezuela to the Caribbean, from the Congo to the South China Sea.

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