Aleppo has sent the West into Panic Overdrive

Aleppo has sent the West into Panic Overdrive
New Eastern Outlook / Мартин Бергер


Until the very end of November, both the EU and the US sought to convince the international community that none of the parties to the Syrian conflict are strong enough to have a decisive advantage over their opponents on the field of battle.

At the same time, Western political circles took all possible steps to prevent Damascus and Russia from intensifying their offense against ISIS (the Islamic State) in Syria, particularly in Aleppo. To this end, US Secretary of State John Kerry stepped up diplomatic efforts to reach an agreement with Russia on Syria before the sitting administration leaves office, The Washington Post would note. According to the Post, the Secretary of State doesn’t care about the alleged “humanitarian crisis” in Aleppo, instead, what he fears is that the Trump administration can strike a different kind of deal with Moscow, which would essentially put the United States on the same side with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It’s curious that EU officials have pushed their media organizations into overdrive, forcing them to publish all sorts false accusations against Moscow and Damascus, saying that they have been bombing schools and hospitals specifically, even intentionally. Yet, there was a complete media blackout about the hundreds of civilians in Aleppo butchered by terrorists, preventing the local population from fleeing through humanitarian corridors that the government opened. Instead, we were led to believe that the terrorists were some sort of heroes, while those who risked their lives to purge the city of this “black plague” were portrayed as criminals.

At this point, the UN stage was used by the governments of Britain, France and Germany to demand Damascus to introduce a “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo. However, such pauses were not used to provide relief for the inhabitants of the besieged city, with the West making no attempt to send even a single humanitarian convoy to Aleppo. The representatives of the above mentioned three countries, just like the US representatives, didn’t even have the courage to lead the convoys provided by Russia into the city to prevent them from being ambushed.

Instead, the West used these pauses to redeploy more terrorists into Aleppo and provide them with additional equipment. There’s been a number of publications that prove that in this period the Ansar al-Islam terrorist front were provided with anti-air capabilities, when arms deals were made in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, to smuggle massive amounts of Soviet-era weapons into Syria.

However, Syrian troops have been successful so far in the liberation of Aleppo, resulting in Washington finding itself in a difficult position. The Financial Times has already reported that the Syrian opposition leaders are engaged in secret talks with Russia to put an end to hostilities in Aleppo. This can result in the US being pushed out of the equation in a number of key conflicts in the Middle East, including Syria. As Washington’s concept of “moderate opposition” unravels, it’s losing any ground to have a say in Syria, as those “moderate” militants are revealed to be Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists.

The US and EU have been in a frank panic over developments in Syria they will ultimately reveal the true role both played in the creation of ISIS. US State Department spokesman Mark Toner has gone as far as publicly urging the prevention of Russia from fighting international terrorism in Syria. Immediately after this statement, representatives of France, Britain and Germany tried to increase pressure on Russia via the UN Security Council.

The delirious state of the ruling European elites has been displayed in public when the Guardian published their last demand:

European leaders, notably the French, are privately warning Vladimir Putin that if he permits Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, to turn an expected capture of Aleppo into a military victory across most of the country, it will be up to Russia to foot the bill for reconstruction

It looks as if those in power in London, Paris, and Berlin are increasingly out of touch, since they seem unable to recall who destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and a number of other countries to begin with. The United States, with the avid support provided by the EU, have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, while destroying the homes and the infrastructure that supported those that they spared, which resulted in a veritable exodus of migrants from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. So, maybe they should be paying the bills instead of forcing smaller European countries to provide shelter for the refugees they created in the first place. And what about Washington’s responsibilities?

Martin Berger is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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