Brandon Turbeville: From Kessab, Syria

The leaders of Turkey slaughtered millions during the Armenian Genocide that began in 1915. Syria, on the other hand took in the refugees fleeing the violence – as Syria has historically done.

During this current war in Syria, Kessab was targeted once again. Safe, stable and prosperous under the government of Syria, it was brutally attacked along with several surrounding villages by a huge army of “rebel” terrorists led by al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria) together with several terrorist groups some openly supported by the United States in March of 2014.

By the time the terrorist army finally took Kessab, most of the inhabitants had fled – those who could anyway. Some stayed behind, most I think were elderly. Many of them were taken as captives. Some of the women were raped. Some of the old men butchered. Some died in crossfire. The churches were desecrated and damaged. Homes were destroyed or occupied by invading terrorists.

But the Syrian armed forces with help from Hezbollah retook the town in July of 2014. Yes, Hezbollah – without their help many Christians and others in Syria would be dead or gone now – they are not the “terrorists” the US and Israel make them out to be.

Many refugees that had fled before the invading terrorist army – returned to their homes ONE DAY after the Syrian armed forces regained control. Now that is courage, faith and trust.


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