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The Media Thinks SOUTHFRONT, – a Handful of Millennial Volunteers – are ‘Propaganda’ – South Front

The Media Thinks SOUTHFRONT, – a Handful of Millennial Volunteers – are ‘Propaganda’ – South Front
Russia Insider Daily Headlines


SouthFront has repeatedly been accused of being pro-Russian propaganda, anti-Erdogan propaganda, pro-Trump propaganda, anti-Russian propaganda, pro-Iranian propaganda, pro-Assad propaganda, anti-Assad propaganda and so on.

The allegations have been made by various different media outlets, think tanks and media activists.

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Soros, Go Away

Soros, Go Away
New Eastern Outlook / Валерий Куликов


Undisputedly, American NGOs have fallen from grace across Europe in recent years. Such states as Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic have been pretty vocal in criticizing American non-governmental organizations operating within their respective territories. Even Poland that has been regarded as the most loyal pro-Washington satellite state in Eastern Europe is no exception. So the days are harsh for those who promote globalization and American-style democracy in Europe these days.

Among those who came under fire we can find George Soros who’s name has been explicitly mentioned in recent decades in connection with all sorts of mass protest movements, staging of coup d’etats and the participation of his NGOs in various “revolutionary movements” across the world.

A billionaire who prefers to be called a philanthropist is not just eager to redraw the map of the world, but is also eager to reorganize all sorts of foundations to achieve his goals.

Soros has been repeatedly accused of toppling governments of a number of sovereign states. As for the so-called “democratic development” of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union states, Soros has spent over 2 billion dollars on the meddling in the internal politics of these states over the past three decades. By destabilizing the economies and the social situation in such states he seeks to create the so-called controlled chaos everywhere, since it allows him to destroy any remnants of statehood.

As it’s been noted by the former Deputy Minister for Diaspora Affairs of Georgia and the leader of the March of Georgians movement, Sandro Bregadze in his interview for the Dalma News, George Soros is the primarily enemy of the Georgian state.

The fact that Soros is a threat to Israel and many other countries has been recently announced by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

As noted by various media sources, Soros played a crucial role in the organization of the so-called migration crisis in Europe, which looks like a well-planned and generously sponsored operation. For instance, Italian media reminds us that it was Soros who openly promised to allocate half a billion dollars for NGOs that were helping refugees to move to the European continent. Such cases of “charity” is nothing but an attempt to encourage human trafficking and spur the activities of all sorts of smugglers.

The Soros foundations has been sponsoring those political forces that were supporting the secession of Catalonia. The familiar trademark of Soros could be witnessed in the streets of Barcelona this month with mass protests, fires, clashes with the police. Those protests were provoked by numerous attempts made to persuade the local population that they have nothing in common with the so-called Spaniards. On the funds allocated by Soros his NGO would resort to all sorts of tricks, including the support they would unexpectedly provide to such movements as the movement for the legalization of soft drugs, even though it undermines the very foundation of the Catholic Barcelona.

In his unhindered desire to unite the capabilities of private businesses with the truly unlimited financial capabilities of the Vatican, the idea that was harshly opposed by the former Pope Benedict, Soros unleashed a legal war against the Pope and then started spreading it across the world. With the use of claims against church ministers regarding sexual harassment and abuse, Jeff Anderson and Associates, a law firm associated with the structures of Soros, was chosen as the tool. As a result of the carefully prepared action, this office prepared and submitted to the various courts of many countries lawsuits demanding criminal prosecution of the servants of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). Then, with the loud support of the international media sources controlled by Soros a blow was struck against the leaders of the Vatican. Jeff Anderson and Associates first appealed to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and then to the US Supreme Court with charges against Pope Benedict and his subordinates. In 2012, with the participation of pro-Soros media, secret documents of the Roman Catholic Church that revealed cases of financial frauds in the Vatican Bank were published. As a result of this pressure the Pope had to take a step that was unheard of since 1415: in 2013, Pope Benedict renounced the papal throne. His place was taken by Pope Francis, whose figure was more than satisfactory for Soros.

Most recently, under the pressure applied by Soros, the Order of Malta fell, whose leadership was removed from power by the will of Pope Francis.

Today Soros has been declared persona non grata in a great many countries of the world. Moreover, Soros is forbidden from conducting business in his historic homelands – Hungary and Israel. So it won’t be an exaggeration to state that George Soros is a tumor that has to be removed.

He is also accused of trying to destroy the statehood of other states in the United States. Last summer, another hackers working for the released several hundreds of internal documents of the Soros fund, among them – certificates and reports on the fund’s participation in the sponsoring of the coup d’etat in Ukraine.

After the failure of Hillary Clinton that was sponsored Soros, the funds controlled by him coordinated the anti-Trump protest movement in the United States. It turned out that the demonstration was organized by the company MoveOn, which receives funds from George Soros.

Soros would oppose Donald Trump immediately after his victory, calling him a liar, a fraud and a would-be dictator. But now he is not just criticizing the new US president, he’s putting almost half a billion dollars in an attempt to bring down his government, working against those companies that benefit from Trump’s policies, primarily the American oil companies.

As for the recent racial clashes in the United States, Soros has apparently played a role in them too.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there’s a petition demanding President Donald Trump to recognize billionaire George Soros as a domestic terrorist posted on the White House petitions website. It has already been signed by more than 150,000 Americans. It would state that:

We the People say that Soros has willfully tried to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens. To achieve these goals, the author says, Soros has created multiple organizations with a sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to destroy the US government.

So now, once the require number of signatures has been collected, the decisive lies on the shoulders of the the Trump administrations, but it remains unclear whether Soros himself and his funds will be declared unwelcome on the US soil.

Valeriy Kulikov, expert politologist, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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The ‘Fake News’ Label – An Effort To Block Good Journalism Challenging the Government – David P. Hamilton

The ‘Fake News’ Label – An Effort To Block Good Journalism Challenging the Government – David P. Hamilton
Russia Insider Daily Headlines


For the most part, “fake news” is a fake concept designed by the corporate news media to discredit those who challenge the official U.S. hegemonic narrative.

The typical MSM fake news accusation starts with some egregious fictionalization and then morphs over to the real targets: the subversives, those who would dispute foundational elements of the official history or its recent approved updates.

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The Case for a Jewish Jack the Ripper

The Case for a Jewish Jack the Ripper

In a previous article I have written at length about how the infamous murders committed in London’s East End by Jack the Ripper during the summer of 1888 were likely to have been inspired by shechita (i.e. the process for ritually slaughtering animals in Judaism). (1)

Since it is a common practice – and dare I say it routine – for jewish authors, (2) authorities (3) and their apologists (4) then as now to declare that Jack the Ripper cannot possibly have been jewish without ever actually making a case that actually goes beyond the axiom of the modern study of anti-Semitism: ‘Jews dindu nuffin’.

The fact that we do not actually know who Jack the Ripper was doesn’t matter to such people and institutions. The point is that a jew cannot possibly be a serial killer and even if you can prove otherwise – as in the case of David Berkowitz – then jews will still ardently all but deny that he was. (5)

That we don’t know for sure who Jack the Ripper was would normally logically render such claims that he ‘couldn’t possibly’ be a jew into logical absurdity, but yet jews still continue to cling to this nonsensical position.

The fact is however that there are twelve very good reasons to believe that Jack the Ripper was indeed of jewish origin.

These are:

1) The killings show distinct similarities of the jewish ritual practice of shechita and are likely to have been performed by someone very familiar with it. (6) As shechita is a ritual practice unique to Judaism that must be carried out by a religiously devout jew in order to be a valid then this indicates that the Ripper was almost certainly of jewish origin. This was also recognised at the time. (7)

2) In 1888 at least thirty percent of the population of Whitechapel was jewish. (8) This therefore means that assuming –as many Ripperologists do – that the Ripper was a local man. (9) It follows that there is at least a 3/10 chance that the Ripper was of jewish origin as was noted by newspapers at the time. (10)

3) There was significant friction between the jewish and non-jewish population of Whitechapel (11) and, considering that all the victims were not jewish, then there was a belief among the local population that a jew was responsible for the murders. (12)

4) Buck’s Row – where Mary Ann Nichols, the Ripper’s first victim, was killed on 8th September 1888 – was next to a jewish cemetery. (13)

5) Dutfield’s yard – where the Swedish-born Elizabeth Stride, the Ripper’s third victim, was killed on 30th September 1888 – was next to 40 Berner Street, which housed ‘International Working Mens Educational Club’. (14) This, to quote Judith Flanders, was a ‘radical jewish organisation’. (15)

6) Israel Schwartz – the only man believed to have actually seen Jack the Ripper and a jew – identified an arrested suspect as Jack the Ripper at the London Police’s ‘Seaside Home’ station, but refused to testify against him in court. (16) The reason traditionally ascribed for this is because the Ripper was a fellow member of the jewish community (17) and this is supported by halakha – jewish religious law – which prescribes that religious jews not ‘inform’ on their fellow jews to non-jewish authorities on pain of death. (18)

7) Sir Robert Anderson, Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police in 1888, stated in an article in 1910 in Blackwoods Magazine that the identity of Jack the Ripper was known and that he was a Polish jew. (19)

8) Sir Melville Macnaughton, who was actively involved in the police investigation into the Whitechapel murders as Assistant Chief Constable (CID) of the Metropolitan Police from 1889-1891 named a Polish jew named Kosminski as one of his three chief suspects in the case. (20)

9) Chief Inspector Donald Swanson, head of the Whitechapel Murders investigation, specifically wrote in his marginal note in his personal copy of Sir Robert Anderson’s 1910 memoirs ‘The Lighter Side of My Official Life’ that the Ripper was a jew named Kosminski. (21)

10) Harry Cox, a former City of London Police Detective, revealed after his retirement in 1906 that the main suspect for the Ripper murders was jewish and that the jews realized who he was and then closed ranks to prevent him being prosecuted. (22)

11) Robert Sagar, a former inspector in the City of London Police and who as a police sergeant had been closely involved in the 1888 Ripper investigation, revealed that the prime suspect had been jewish, discovered by his family/community and removed as quickly as convenient to a lunatic asylum, which prevented more ripper killings and caused them to stop. (23)

12) Geoffrey Lushington, the Home Office Under-Secretary in 1888, is also on record as stating that the evidence suggested that Jack the Ripper was a jew. (24)

So, contrary to what jewish authors, authorities and apologists will have you believe, there is not only good reason to believe that Jack the Ripper was a jew, but it is extremely likely that this was the case.


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