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The Shortage of Humans

The Shortage of Humans


9 of the 10 countries with the top birthrate are in Africa.

After decades of toxic feminist (homosexual) propaganda and policies,

much of the world is facing a demographic crisis. We cannot

replenish our populations without im-migration. Spanish

blogger Felix Rodrigo Mora shows how, with the exception

of Africa, human reservoirs are drying up.

The Demographic Crisis & Solution


by Felix Rodrigo Mora

(Excerpt by

Spain has the lowest birthrate in the world, 1.3 per woman, even behind the very senile and aged Japan, which is at 1.4. Thus it advocates immigration as a solution…

What nobody is talking about, the labor-supplying countries are becoming demographically exhausted as well. They have an aging and elderly population condemned to live miserably, to die prematurely and frighteningly due to the emigration of their young people. Let’s examine some creepy cases.

Romania is today, together with Morocco and China, the main provider of neo-servile labor to Spain. The Spanish economy works thanks to the workers contributed by these three countries.

What is happening in Romania? In 1992 it had 23 million inhabitants but in 2017 it had fallen to 19 million; that is, in 25 years it has lost 4 million, 17% of its population! In 2017, it had 79,000 births and 109,000 deaths. The number of children per woman is 1.38, substantially insufficient because it is far from the minimum necessary, 2.1. This is a consequence of emigration, which leads young people out and leaves the elderly so that more of the population is over 65 than the under 14, an indicator of the liquidation of the country. To put it bluntly: Romania is in a spiral of self-destruction and destruction. Emigration is annihilating it. Young people are missing to care for the elderly. And to produce basic goods at affordable prices. And to give continuity to Romanian culture, history, idiosyncrasy and language. Therefore, with Romania, a silent genocide is being committed, that “our” fascist scoundrels justify and promote.


Moroccan emigration to Europe is a genocidal and exterminationist act, which leads to the annihilation of the peoples of Morocco. The data is conclusive and frightening. If in 1960 the number of children per woman in Morocco was 8.4, the figure had dropped to 4 in 1990 and to 2.1 in 2014 … That is why the Moroccan government declared that year that their country had entered a stage of ” no generational renewal “.

So many young people have left that Morocco is today a pathetic place of villages where there are only old people. Elderly and old women await a premature and atrocious death, without caregivers and affections, all so that the opulent bourgeois of the North have cheap labor in their fruit plantations, in their agriculture Hyper-quimizada under plastic, in their princely villas, in the vile construction business, etc.


The peoples of Morocco, who suffered Spanish (1860-1956) and French colonialism, and who fought bravely against it (remember the great hero of that epic struggle, Abd el-Krim), have the right to existence and continuity, to not be annihilated, to a future as a people. That is why they must rise in revolution against the new colonialism of the emigration to Europe, which is much more aggressive and annihilating than the old colonialism.

Neither Romania nor Morocco can contribute much more labor to the North. These terrifying breeding farms of human beings for export are exhausted, overexploited, depleted. The surrounding countries, especially Algeria and Tunisia, which suffer a similar demographic situation. Only Egypt maintains, for the moment, a slightly more spirited birth-rate.


China knows similar circumstances. The communist party implemented the policy of only one child in 1979, to put an end to “the population explosion”. The results have been shocking. In 35 years, the population has aged and there are not enough workers, while there are about 300 million retirees, many with no or little family assistance.

In 2015, the fascist regime has abolished the 1979 regulations allowing families to have two children, but that is not working and will not work because the social, economic and political structures of the country. The Communist despots are considering forcing females to have two children! With 1.6 children per woman, China is sliding towards economic disaster and the death of hundreds of millions of people ue to lack of care.


(Mali has the 2nd highest birthrate in the world)

Thus, those countries who at the moment are our three main suppliers of neo-serfs are exhausted by population. They will still be able to send a few hundred thousand workers but less and less, and in a period of ten years hardly anything. Moreover, China is already taking measures to import sub-Saharan labor, and Morocco will have to do the same, so that in its march towards Europe from the center and south of Africa there will be workers who settle in that country, with which there will be less and more expensive for Europe, for Spain.

The progressive shortage of “human capital” at the global level is manifested in a conclusive fact, that migrants arriving in the EU have progressively higher ages, which indicates that there are fewer and fewer young people in their places of origin.

Twenty-five years ago they came to us from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, but that already happens very scarcely, since the first one is at 2.5 children per woman, compared to 6.7 in 1960, and the second at 2.4, when in 1960 achieved 7.6 children per female.

As a result, today there is not enough exportable labor, neo-serfs, to send to the North. The few that still exist in the countries of Latin America begin to consider marching to Brazil, a potentially rich country that is suffering a demographic catastrophe, with 1.7 children per woman when in 1960 it enjoyed 6.1.

The emergence of world powers and regional powers (such as Brazil) in need of labor is a very recent phenomenon but one that will increase in the coming years, which makes the supply of labor on the global level will be increasingly weak while increasing demand, which will lead to a situation with fewer available migrants, and those with higher economic demands. That situation is terrifying for a country as super-aged as Spain. Indeed, if all the analysts make the most funereal forecasts for China, which still has 1.6 children per woman, what can be said for our case, with 1.3?..

That’s right, from that date, 20/25 years, hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, will probably suffer a terrible old age and a premature and horrible death. The greatest genocide in the history of mankind is underway. It is responsible for those who have established an anti-natalist biopolitics, in its many manifestations.


Thanks to Oscar for this tip!

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