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Putin-Assad Meeting Cements the End of US Dominance in the Middle East

Putin-Assad Meeting Cements the End of US Dominance in the Middle East
Russia Insider Daily Headlines / Tom Luongo


I’m not a terribly religious man. But, I’d like to believe there is a special corner in Hell reserved for those that fomented the Syrian Civil War.

From its beginnings in Libya with gun-funneling through the U.S. embassy in Benghazi to yesterday’s meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, this entire affair will be remembered as one of the most cynical and abusive periods of history.

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Michael Collins Piper – Zionist Subversion of America

Michael Collins Piper – Zionist Subversion of America





Based on a pattern of past infiltration

and subversion of the American Nationalist Movement

by the FBI, ADL, CIA, and Mossad, the “alt-right”

likely is false opposition.

I am very intrigued by this book and don’t want to wait to read all 355 pages before telling you about it.

Here is a sample of the Table of Contents. People Piper identifies as Judas Goats are pictured on the left. I imagine that MiloYiannopoulis, Richard Spencer, and Mike Cernovich might be current candidates.

Nationalism: Prime Target of Zionism (Something has changed since 2005 because Z now backs nationalists)

The Return of COINTELPRO

Inside the “Controlled Opposition”


(Rush Limbaugh)

The Soviet “Trust” Model

J. Edgar Hoover and the Enemy Within

John Roy Carlson–Judas Goat

The Great Sedition Trial of 1944

Collaboration Between the ADL & FBI Accusing Patriots of Being “Traitors”

Walter Winchell: Zionist Front Man Capitol Hill

The ADL’s Secret Role in Firings


(l. Sean Hannity)

The ADL: U.S.-based Spy Agency

First-Hand Encounters with Roy Bullock

The Struggle Between Stalin & Zionism (Evidently he wanted to purge the Zionists)

Zionist Infiltration of the Soviet KGB

Secret Foundation of the Neo-Cons

Neo-Cons Are Trotskyites

Story Behind Joseph R. McCarthy

The FBI & the Communist Party

USA, The Cold War & Trotskyite “Neo-Cons”


(Ann Coulter)

The Zionist Vanguard Early Zionist Corruption of Nationalists William F. Buckley Jr.–Judas Goat

The Vatican’s Own Enemy Within

Fr. Malachi Martin’s Secret Role

“Conservatives” Loot American Patriots

Manipulation of “Anti-Communists”

Advancing the Zionist Agenda

The John Birch Society: Judas Goats

The Rise and Fall of Human Events

Intelligence Agency Manipulation

Sun Myung Moon: Rockefeller’s Man


(Alex Jones)

Drew Pearson & Jack Anderson: Shills

Convincing “Right Wing” Patsies to Kill

CIA Infiltration of the Anti-War Movement

Bill, Hillary and John Kerry Play Roles Zionist

“Goats” Ruined GOP in 1940

Judas Goats Ruined Democrats in 2004

The Sad Story of Jesse Helms

Gingrich: Judas Goat from the Start

Zionist Takeover of Law Enforcement

Jared Taylor’s Zionist “Nationalism”

The “Israelization” of America

You can order this book here. Pdf is available here.


A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. … The term is a reference to the biblical character Judas Iscariot.

Preface by Michael Collins Piper –

The Who, What, When, Where, Why–and How–of the Subversive Forces

That Have Brought America to Where It Is Today . . .

It has been said that Napoleon’s defeat led to the rise of the international banking dynasty of the House of Rothschild. It may also rightly be said that Hitler’s defeat led not only to the consolidation of the global power of the House of Rothschild, but also to the corresponding diminution of nationalism, with the notable exception of Jewish nationalism–known as “Zionism”–which received its strongest push forward in the days following the end of World War II.


(l. Michael Moore)

In fact, since World War II there has been a fervent drive by the Zionist movement to eviscerate the nationalist movement in America and other nationalist forces around the globe. The truth is that, in America at least, since the middle half of the 20th century, those who called themselves “conservatives” have seen the conservative movement (the traditional base of American nationalism) infiltrated and destroyed from within.

The process was long in the making, but ultimately successful, as recent history and current events demonstrate. While many writers have thoroughly explored the tentacles of the Rothschild empire as it encircled the planet, creating war, economic havoc and revolution (profiting therefrom), there has never been–until now–a comprehensive review of the manner in which this dynasty (and the Zionist movement which it nurtured) worked to destroy the American nationalists who stood in the way of their ultimate goal of achieving a global imperium–the so-called “New World Order.”


Today, the self-styled “neo-conservatives”–the leaders being oldline Trotskyite communists who’ve retooled their philosophy for modern-day propaganda requirements–are the vanguard of the international Zionist movement that dominates the highest levels of policy-making in the United States, the most powerful nation on the planet.

These Zionist forces maintain a stranglehold over the Republican Party, thanks to their influence within the administration of George W. Bush, who brought them into governing positions, and through their domination of GOP-oriented foundations, think tanks and other institutions that impact on public policy and Republican Party affairs.

Of course, for many years prior to the rise of the Bush-era “neoconservatives,” Zionism (and Rothschild influence) was already well entrenched within the Democratic Party, going back to the mid-19th century when Rothschild agent August Belmont actually served as Democratic Party national chairman. In any case, today, as a direct consequence of this unholy monopoly, international Zionism reigns supreme within (or rather, over) both major political parties in America, not to mention also holding sway over many other political entities of opinion, think tanks and other forces in the public arena.

billofront.jpg(Bill O’Reilly)

Only a small handful of people dare to raise questions about the domination of the American system by an alien force that has no regard for American interests whatsoever. However, the process of infiltration and destruction of the “conservative” movement–which, historically, at least until the mid-20th century, was the foundation for American opposition to the intrigue of the international plutocratic elite–involved much more than the corruption of the conservative philosophy.

In fact, this ugly scenario also included the utilization of U.S. government-paid agents provocateurs, acting in concert with professional infiltrators and subversives working for “independent” (that is, foreign) intelligence agencies operating on American soil. What effectively took place was a classic “pincer movement” scenario that left traditional American nationalism gutted and eviscerated, hardly more than a remnant of a philosophy that was first set forth by American giants such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and a host of others who followed in their footsteps.


(Laura Ingraham)

This book is the first-ever study of its kind, providing a framework for understanding the tactics of the Judas Goats, these Enemies Within, and how and why they were able to advance the Zionist dream goal of claiming dominance of the American system and making it their military and economic tool for world conquest.

So while the traditional “conservative” movement has been subverted and made into a force for internationalism (as opposed to nationalism), there are still those stalwart nationalists–even including some self-described “progressives” and “liberals”–who continue to fight the good fight.This volume is a handbook for all true nationalists who want to know the way of The Judas Goats–The Enemy Within.

Ultimately, if there is one thing this book should make absolutely clear, it is precisely this: the old labels of “left” and “right” and “liberal” and “conservative” must be abandoned forever. These archaic labels are not only divisive and troublesome, but they are part and parcel of a Grand Design to split the American people–and the peoples of the world–and ensure that the control of our America–and the nations of this planet–remains in the hands of a grasping, greedy, self-interested global Zionist plutocracy.

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How Come Khorasan Caliphate Replaces ISIS?

How Come Khorasan Caliphate Replaces ISIS?
New Eastern Outlook / Валерий Куликов


In recent years, experts from a number of countries have started mentioning the growing threat that the the Khorasan caliphate terrorist group poses to Syria, Iraq, and a number of Central Asian states. Its activities have been reported in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Muslim South Asian countries of the CIS. After the so-called “Arab Spring” even a casual reader could notice the growing popularity of Islamist and jihadist groups, when one terrorist organization is being succeeded by another. Once one such group is getting banned across the globe or ceases its operations due to successful anti-terrorist operations conducted by a number of states, then the backbone of such a group is getting re-branded only to continue its operations, sometimes those groups receive names that are similar to those that certain existing groups have. For instance, the term “Khorasan” itself is pretty common among the Persian-speaking peoples.

In one of its articles The New York Times would note:

American officials said that the group called Khorasan had emerged in the past year as the cell in Syria that may be the most intent on hitting the United States or its installations overseas with a terror attack. The officials said that the group is led by Muhsin al-Fadhli, a senior al-Qaeda operative.

There is almost no public information about the Khorasan group, which was described by several intelligence, law enforcement and military officials as being made up of Qaeda operatives from across the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

The director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., said on Thursday that “in terms of threat to the homeland, Khorasan may pose as much of a danger as the Islamic State.”

The American intelligence community believes that the Khorasan is an al-Qaeda branch that was deployed across the Arabian Peninsula. Noting the growing danger of Khorasan, the chairman of the US House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee, Michigan Republican Mike Rogers, in one of his speeches in 2014, has specifically stressed that this group is devoted to carrying terrorist attacks on airplanes. He would add that the group has everything it needs to launch those: the money, technical equipment and trained gunmen, ready. The militants of this terrorist cell are particularly interested in the possibility of using an untraceable, ‘anacoustic’ explosives. The threat they present is being aggravated by the fact that they have a lot of Western residents with legitimate papers in their ranks.

The terrorist group that goes under the name of Khorasan, that is connected with the almost universally banned al-Qaeda, has been operating in Syria for years which is confirmed by a number of Western reports. This group would be frequently mentioned by Western media sources during the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, when it was forced to relocate from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Its goal was to create the Caliphate of Khorasan in the Nangarhar Province with its capital in Jalalabad.

It is believed that Khorasan was created more than twenty years ago by a Egyptian that goes under the name of Mohammed Islambuli, brother of Egypt’s famous jihadist who participated in the assisnation of the President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, in 1981. Islubuli would undergo extensive training in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 1990s. The group he created would operate both across the Central Asian and Middle Eastern states. As early as 2012, Khorasan militants started operating in Syria and Yemen, becoming active allies of yet another illegal terrorist group – the Jabhat Al-Nusra.

By the spring of 2015, the “Afghan wing” of ISIS, formerly operating primarily in Pakistan, managed to infiltrate the north of Afghanistan, replacing the cells of the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Haqqani network. Operations of ISIS militant groups up to a thousand men were reported in various parts of Afghanistan. According to existing reports, these militants are mostly immigrants from the countries of the former USSR (in particular from the South Asian region, from the South Caucasus), who previously fought in Iraq and Syria before they were sent to the border areas of Turkmenistan, where they were joined by local radicals and former activists of the Islamic political party of Afghanistan, the Sunni Islam. As a result, militants loyal to the Khorasan caliphate announced the establishment of a province that they would command, which encompasses the territories of both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

After the successful anti-terrorist operation that Russia launched in Syria, supported by the efforts of other states, we’ve witnessed ISIS being pushed back both in Syria and Iraq. Upon losing control of the majority of oilfields in the region, former ISIS militants started moving to Afghanistan to join the Khorasan caliphate. In many respects this process was aggravated by the desire most militants shared to establish control over yet another lucrative business – Afghan heroin trade that is capable of producing incomes comparable to those that ISIS was getting from black market oil trade in Syria and Iraq. Another no less significant factor in the recent rise of the the Khorasan caliphate is its ability to get fresh recruits in the Central Asian states. As a result, a new large extremist group of several thousand men called Khorasan is being created along the borders of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. The activities of the emissaries of the Khorasan caliphate in particular, are facilitated by the fact that about 2,000 citizens of Tajikistan alone have already undergone a war of jihad in Syria and Iraq, some of them have already returned home or infiltrated Afghan territories.

So it’s no wonder that the Khorasan caliphate is pretty active in certain areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan that remain out of reach of the government forces, the areas which were previously uncontested homeland of the Taliban. Preachers, propagandists, financial couriers and other “activists” of terrorist cells are coming into contact with Afghan cells, which are engaged in recruitment activities among local radical Islamists. An important role is played by militants of Afghan and Tajik origin who return home after the war of jihad in Syria and Iraq, making proficient recruiters, propagandists, instructors.

The return of the almost forgotten group Khorasan caliphate to the center stage of international terrorism is, with a doubt, is a sign of internal dynamics that exists within the jihadist structures. Now it is already clear to everyone that the project of the so-called Islamic state has come to an abrupt end. The militants of ISIS seek employment other groups, including such terrorist organization as Jabhat al-Nusra. It is possible that the Khorasan caliphate would try to present a reincarnation of ISIS ideas, especially in a situation when they have territorial claims in Pakistan and Afghanistan, similar to those that served a major attraction for militants that were seeking a terrorist organization to join.

Valeriy Kulikov, expert politologist, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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CIA Control of Cyberspace

CIA is Pushing to Control Cyberspace, All of Us Must be Really Worried
New Eastern Outlook / Валерий Куликов

00452323For a quite a while now, Western media sources have been engaged in a sort of a competition, striving to publish as many articles about so-called Russian hackers as they possibly could, while complaining about the alleged damage those unseen hackers inflicted upon the US-style democracy.

Just recently, The Washington Post would feature a propaganda article about Russia’s push towards the control of cyberspace. And what else could one expect from a media source that is being sponsored by the CIA, if various reports across the net are to be trusted. A casual reader would be bewildered by the sheer amount of article published by this media source that are aimed at triggering anti-Russian hysteria in the US. It’s curious that the above mentioned opinion peace mentions the CIA a total of 19 times, while forgetting to mention that the sole owner of the Washington Post received a total of 600 million dollars from the CIA. Under these circumstances, you won’t find a lot of facts on the pages of this propaganda mouthpiece, there’s speculations, quotes of unnamed “informed sources” and that’s pretty much it.

With the use of such pocket journals Washington has been trying to motivate Europe into starting a sort of a crusade against Russia, even though this crusade would directly contradict Brussels’ best interests. However, it’s pretty clear that the main purpose of this latest information war is an attempt to hide the extent of control that the CIA exercises over the web.

The CIA was founded some 70 years ago, and ever since 2001 it has been enjoying political and budgetary advantages over its competitor – the NSA, due to the fact that it hasn’t just created the notorious fleet of unmanned murderous vehicles, but has also assembled an impressive army of hackers.

Over the course of its history, the CIA has been engaged in political assassinations, coups d’etats, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, bribery and other criminal acts. If anyone still wonders is there any real conspiracies in this world, he should seek no further as all of the activities that the CIA has been engaged in are conspiracies against the people of the United States and the peoples of the whole world. That’s the position of Norwegian, that would describe the CIA as a criminal organization, since pretty much everything that this agency does is illegal. Therefore, the US government and pro-government media that are connected with this agency are complied to uphold utmost secrecy about its operations. While Western media sources would describe the US as a bastion of peace and democracy, the agency that is supposed to protect this bastion is running all sorts of criminal organizations around the globe. Those sources are pretty manipulative in their attempts to whitewash such “operations”, since they are being sponsored by the same people that pay the CIA.

That’s why the Americans will never see pictures of disfigured bodies of Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan and Syrian children who were murdered in broad daylight by American mercenaries or a wide variety of illegal munitions dropped from US military planes to advance CIA’s secret operations.

Similarly, American media sources keep squiet about the role that the CIA played in establishing total control over the cyberspace. Let’s recall a handful of CIA’s internal documents that were released due to the efforts of the WikiLeaks team. The so-called Vault 7 papers that were released last March contain a total of 8761 files about Langley’s Center for Cyber Intelligence that is engaged in hacking computers, cell phones and TV sets. These reports demonstrate the true scale and direction of the global hacker program of the CIA, and the arsenal of malicious programs and zero day exploits that have been weaponized against a wide range of American and European users, including those who happen to be Apple’s, Google’s, and Microsoft’s faithful customers.

It’s all started with the publication titled Dark Matter, describing CIA’s tactics of hacking and infecting Apple’s devices. Then WikiLeaks would publish additional 676 files stolen from the CIA, the so-called Marble dossier, revealing its extensive capabilities to remain anonymous, while designing its malicious programs in such a way for them to be trackable “back” to Russia or China.

This series of revelations was followed by a release of 27 documents on the CIA Grasshopper program, which is aimed at creating malicious spy-ware “updates” for the Windows operating system.

Finally, almost two months after initial reports, WikiLeaks would release classified documents about the so-called operation Athena, which aims at creating malware that would download itself on a system to copy all of its files remotely. The malware is capable of infecting various versions of Windows and was developed by the CIA in cooperation with Siege Technologies, which is registered in New Hampshire.

WikiLeaks has also published reports on CIA’s Dumbo project, which, through total control of cyberspace, can turn off cameras remotely and damage any records that could compromise infiltration activities of the Physical Access Group.

Dumbo can recognize, monitor and manage systems operated by Windows, while detecing cams and microphones connected by both wire, Bluetooth, or WiFi. A CIA operator can now stop a recording or delete records, leaving no trace that the CIA could be engaged in some sort of illegal activities.

In the WikiLeaks documents of the CIA, there is also a lot of documents about the ability of this intelligence agency to organize hacker attacks to impersonate other groups. In particular, as part of the Umbrage program, the CIA collects and maintains an extensive library of offensive technologies “stolen” from programs written in other countries, including the Russian Federation. With the help of this project, the CIA can not only diversify its attacks, but also attribute them to others, leaving the “fingerprints” of those groups from whom the CIA stole their offensive capabilities. It would also use foreign languages in the coding deliberately as it has been revelead by in the detailed analysis of one of such impersonation attacks that was exposed by the BAE Systems blog.

There’s more that enough documents on the web now to state that the CIA is trying to abuse the cyberspace in every way possible. So maybe it’s time to paraphrase the article mentioned at the very beginning of this piece: “It’s not Russia, but the CIA is gaining control over cyberspace. We should all be worried!”

Valeriy Kulikov, expert politologist, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War. Weapons to Al Qaeda First Started in 2011

In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War. Weapons to Al Qaeda First Started in 2011
globalresearch / Tyler Durden


A television interview of a top Qatari official confessing the truth behind the origins of the war in Syria is going viral across Arabic social media during the same week a leaked top secret NSA document was published which confirms

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Homosexuals are 5-8 X More Likely to Molest Children

Homosexuals are 5-8 X More Likely to Molest Children

moty-2013-kevin-spacey-kevin-spacey-96.jpg(left, Illuminati satanist Kevin Spacey.)

“I don’t remember sexually assaulting that teenager and btw, I’m gay.”

Spacey hoped to garner some gay immunity by “coming out” at the same time as

admitting to assaulting a 14-year-old fellow actor in 1985. However, gay activists and leftists rebuked him for drawing attention to the connection between pedophilia and homosexuality.

“Spacey choosing now to come out, in order to spin Rapp’s sexual-assault allegation, is underhanded behavior worthy of his character Frank Underwood on House of Cards.”

–Daily Beast

As usual, progressives are hypocritical. As the excerpt below documents, homosexuals commit up to thirty times more acts of pedophilia than heterosexual males. Homosexuality is especially common in show business.

Hollywood Actors speak of ‘Rampant Problem’ of Male Abusers Targeting Men

Hate Crime Legislation (contains footnotes)
by Judith Reisman
(excerpt by henrymakow.,com)

A major study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concluded “Sexual abuse of boys appears to be common, underreported, underrecognized, and undertreated,” citing to other “large-scale studies” in which 34% of 1001 men who had sex with men attending a sexually transmitted clinic….reported histories of sexual abuse.”

The same study of underreported boy sexual abuse–stressed that males are much more reticent to report homosexual child abuse, as an insult to their manliness perhaps, than are females.

As noted much child sexual abuse goes unreported and some unsubstantiated. Hence, the following statistics, sources in each endnote, are to be viewed with caution as reflecting the best available current data.

Of 90 million adult males:

~9% of heterosexual men (~86-88 million) victimize 8 million (25%) girls.
~100%+ homosexual men (~2 million) victimize 6 to 8 million (17% to 24%) boys.
~3 to 4.5 boys are victimized per homosexual male. 28
~1 girl is victimized per 11 heterosexual males. 29
~50% of white gays had 500 plus, sexual partners, the rest averaged 100-500.30
~25% white homosexuals admitted sex with boys, “sixteen years old or younger.” 31
~50%+ of AIDS victims (n=279) had oral or anal sex with an adult male by age 16.32
~20% of AIDS victims (n=279) had sex with an adult male by age 10 (1981-82).33
~21% Advocate respondents (n=2,500) “were sexually abused by an adult by age 15.”34

The Reisman & Johnson study found 15% homosexual boy partner solicitation versus 0.45% heterosexual girl partner solicitations as seen below. 3 5

Boy vs. girl partner solicitation chart: 150 Boy Versus 20 Girl Victims Per Child Molester

Sexual abuse of a male child by an adult male is defined as a homosexual assault. Homosexual males molest boy victims far more often than heterosexual males molest girl victims. Psychologist Eugene Abel reported homosexuals, “sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring from five times greater than the molestation of girls.”

The rate of homosexual versus heterosexual child sexual abuse is staggering. Abel’s data of 150.2 boys abused per male homosexual offender finds no equal (yet) in heterosexual violations of 19.8 girls. 36

“Nonincarcerated child molesters admitted to from 23.4 to 281.7 acts per offender….whose targets were males” (Abel et. al., at 32-50. 44, 48).”37

The 1991, US Population, Statistical Abstracts data are compared to the accepted child sex abuse data (1 in 4 girl victims and 1 in 6-8 boy victims) and accepted estimates of the homosexual and heterosexual populations.

The data above show that 1-2 million homosexual men, who comprise a very small percentage of the male population, managed to sexually abuse 6 to 8 million boys under the age of 18. Approximately the same number of girls were abused during the same time frame. However, it took 86-88 million heterosexual men to prey on that number of girls. Again, the data demonstrate that the rate of homosexual molestation of boys greatly outstrips the rate of heterosexual molest of girls.

Since 100% of homosexual males do not sexually assault boys, a vast subset of this highly cohesive population commits multiple, repeated child sex offenses. The homosexual population has been internationally identified in France, England and the USA as between 1% and 3% (in a range of 1.5% to 2%).38 Hard data confirm international research and law enforcement reports. The 2% homosexual population harbors a vast pederast boy abuse subculture, a public health problem of immense proportions.

This subculture has resulted in tragic consequences for children. As noted above, the rates of anxiety, depression and general psychopathology as well as venereal and general disease, child pornography and child and adult prostitution and pornography claim the lives of children who are sexually abused.

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